Installing cameras in and around your home is trending nowadays. And why not? It offers security, peace of mind, and is becoming increasingly affordable and accessible with the help of modern technology. In the past, security cameras were a privilege for those who could afford expensive security systems in their homes or businesses, but not anymore.

Thanks tech giants like Motorola, you can now install high-quality security cameras for your home at an affordable price. The best part? You can stream live video recording, in real-time, on your smart mobile devices.

However, do you really need cameras in your home? Let's explore some luring benefits these modern, home security cameras can offer you and your family.


Security is the reason why governments and businesses started using cameras in the first place. The primary reason remains the same for homeowners as well. The ability to have eyes in and around your home 24/7 offers you peace of mind and a sense of security, while your away on vacation, at work or just at the store getting this week’s groceries.

Even better, you can now use live-streaming apps, like the Hubble App, to keep an eye on your home monitor at the ease of your fingertips, both live and recorded from anywhere in the world. These smart apps allow you to record important moments, access viewing on more than one camera, and even set up motion and sound notifications for specific areas in your home. 

For example, the Hubble App allows you to create a SmartZone in certain areas of your home that you want to monitor closely. You can define a boundary around your home to get instant notifications whenever someone crosses through the defined boundary with motion-triggered alerts.

Remain Connected to Your Family

If you are traveling or spending a lot of time in your office, you don't have to miss important moments with your family. Thanks to modern cameras, high-quality video recording, and live streaming options on your smart device, you can always be part of live activities with your kids, loved ones and other family members at home. 

For example, the Hubble App allows you to keep a baby video sleep diary. This way, you can track the sleeping pattern of your baby to create healthier sleep routines making life easier for parents. All you need is a video baby monitor and a smart device to stream and record video.

Similarly, if both parents are working, they can keep an eye on their children during after school hours. Pet owners can use the camera to keep an eye on the activities of their pets, while they’re away. You can also use the camera as a nanny cam to monitor elderly people, like grandma and grandpa, and ensure their safety, while they’re home alone.

Keeping Record

A few years ago, you needed CDs or DVDs to keep the video recordings of your camera. Hectic, isn't it? Which is probably the primary reason why home security cameras were not popular at that time. However, thanks to the cloud-based online storage, you don't have to worry about keeping a record on physical hardware. 

With smart live streaming and recording apps, you can always keep a record of your recorded videos. You can also take image snapshots through the Hubble App. These features can help in collecting evidence, as well as making insurance claims in case of an accident. 

First Step Towards Smart Home

Smart homes are trending, with almost all tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Samsung offering products to help you turn your traditional home into a smart one. However, without a smart security system, you can't really have a smart home. After all, we don't call it a home smart if it lacks security.

Smart cameras that can be streamed from your smart devices are often the first thing you need, in order to convert your home into a smart home. For example, the Hubble App allows you to create SmartZone boundaries, set notifications for sound and movement, access multiple camera feeds and other devices at a time, record videos, and stream live videos from any part of the world in the best video quality. Smart, isn't it?

Helping Law Enforcement Agencies

Cameras installed around your home not only ensure the safety of your home but also of your home’s surroundings and neighborhood. In the case of a crime, in or around your home, your camera recordings can help police and other law enforcement agencies find the burglar, using the good quality video to help identify the culprit quickly. 


Simply put, a high-quality camera can offer multiple benefits to home users. Even better, if you can stream live video on smart devices with the help of apps, like the Hubble App. Thanks to the competition in the market, the home security systems are also becoming increasingly affordable for home users. This is why more and more homes are installing these systems.

According to a study, more than 27% of homes in the United States used home cameras in 2016, compared to only 13% in 2013. With affordable prices, easy accessibility, and other benefits these smart cameras offer, is there really a valid reason not to try it out?