February 20, 2020 4 min read

We spend our lives in maintaining and making our homes better and safer. If you can't help imagining crazy catastrophes striking your home after you leave for travel or work, you're not alone.

Always worried about what happens in your home after you leave? Installing home surveillance cameras is the best way to keep your home safe and always in-check. The smart managing apps, like Hubble Connected, make it easier to control everything from afar due to impressive motion detect tools and video storage.

Although the wide range of security camera system monitors in the market can leave you feeling overwhelmed, don't worry anymore. We will tell you five important features you need to look for when you decide to install IP camera home monitors.

What is a Home Monitor?

A home monitor lets you look out for your loved ones when you can't be with them and you can easily keep an eye on your home at all times. It uses cameras, motion sensors, and temperature detectors to let you monitor and control your home from anywhere.

Many home monitors give you instant alerts on your compatible device if something seems off. You can connect the monitors to your smartphone with apps like Hubble, that offer live streaming of your home and so much more.

What to Look for When Installing Hubble Home Monitors?

The technology of monitoring devices is always getting better and they have more and more to offer with every passing day. When you are installing a home monitor, you will have to choose the features wisely.

Here are five important features you should look for when choosing the best home surveillance cameras.

  • Smartphone Compatibility and WiFi

    It is absolutely essential to make sure that your home monitor is compatible with your smartphone, and any other devices you would be using. It will ensure that the control of your home lies with you at all times.

    A smartphone app can give you access to live footage and sensors of your monitor. For instance, Hubble for Motorola Monitors, keeps you connected to your monitors from anywhere around the globe.

    The Motorola FOCUS86T Powered by Hubble is a WiFi home security camera that can turn your compatible device into a home surveillance video monitor. The Smart Tag lets you detect any movement. Plus, you can get instant alerts on your compatible device via the Hubble app. A WiFi and phone synced monitor will help you stay informed at all times.

  • Two-way Communication

    A smart home monitor will also serve as a two-way communication system. That means you will be able to listen and talk to your loved ones when you can't be with them.

    A home monitor like Motorola FOCUS86 is a good example of interactive monitoring. It helps you stay connected to your favorite people through live HD streaming and two-way communication. You can even subscribe to Hubble's Cloud Recording service to capture all the valuable moments.

  • HD View and Night Vision

    For home monitoring, you want something with a decent video resolution and night vision. It will save you from the frustration of unclear video streaming and recording. Many cameras come with an HD resolution now.

    A top recommendation amongst them would be Motorola FOCUS86, which offers real-time HD (1080p) video streaming and night vision. The infrared night vision helps you see everything clearly, even in the dark. A wide viewing angle of 82° and phone alerts will help you monitor your home better.

  • Wireless and Expandable

    Along with providing a good view, the camera should also be free from wires. A wireless monitor is a good option for home monitoring, especially for homes with toddlers.

    If you are thinking of adding more monitors to your home while having a single controlling unit, Motorola FOCUS66-BLK2 is what you're looking for. The cameras in the system can be controlled through the Hubble app. The best part is that you can connect up to 10 cameras with one Hubble account.

  • Cloud Storage

    Lastly, look for a monitoring system with cloud storage. Local storage limits you to a hardware device for storing your videos. On the other hand, cloud storage gives you easy access to your precious captured moments from anywhere through the internet.

    An efficient cloud storage system is Hubble's Cloud Video Recording. It gives you a safe place to keep your data when you subscribe to any of its various cloud plans. They range from a 24-hour recording to a 30-day video recording.

    Motorola monitors like Motorola FOCUS85-B offer Hubble's cloud storage plans. You can also share your memories with family and friends, depending on the plan you choose.


In conclusion, home surveillance camera systems can be very convenient for you in keeping your home and loved ones safe and sound. An efficient home monitoring wireless security camera will offer many of the features specified in the article.

The qualities you want in your home security camera are totally up for you to decide. However, make sure you don't let the main features slip out of your list. You'll also want to make sure you get remote controls via a mobile app, video footage recorded using motion sensors and a great field of view so you don't miss out on any of the action.

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