Owning a Motorola camera is a great way to keep an eye on your home, watch over your kids and even see what your pets are up to when you’re gone. However, if you have a Wi-Fi enabled camera that works with the Hubble Connected app, there are numerous features that you can benefit from by getting a subscription.

Sure, you can use most Motorola cameras without the app, since the baby monitors come with handheld screens, but you get a whole new experience by using the app too. With features exclusive to the app and a very simple to use interface, you’re going to love experiencing everything the Hubble app has to offer.

Record Live Streams

When you install the Hubble app, you can view the live streams directly from your phone. This is the main feature, but what you might not know is that you can actually record those live streams. You can press the record button at any time and record any moment during the day or night. You can also take snapshots at any moment, allowing you to save the important moments that occur.

Automatic Motion Recordings

Similar to the first point, when you sign up for a paid subscription, you can benefit from recordings. However, these recordings don’t require you to manually press the record button – as soon as motion is detected in front of the camera, the recording will start. These recordings last 30 seconds, followed by a short cool down period. If motion is still detected, a new recording will occur until no more motion is detected. These automatic recordings are saved in the cloud, but you can also save them directly to your phone or computer at any time.


One of the most recent additions to the app is the ability to set up SmartZones. This is only available on certain models. You can find out more information at our plans page. However, if your camera is one of the compatible models, you will be able to set up specific zones in the camera’s field of view. Once set up, you will only receive notifications when motion is detected in those smart zones. For instance, if you only want to know when the front door has motion, but not the rest of the room, SmartZone is the feature you need.

Daily Summary

One really cool feature that you’re missing out on by not having a Hubble subscription is the Daily Summary feature. This allows you to see all of the motion events that were recording during the previous 24 hours in a single video. The video is sped up so you can see the entire previous day’s recordings in just a few minutes. You can enjoy this feature with the Essentials or Select plans.

Parenting Tips & Development Tracker

The Hubble app also comes with an entire section dedicated to making your life as a parent easier. From parenting tips and tricks to a full development tracker, you will love using the Hubble app for more than just checking in on your little one. Enter basic details about your child such as their date of birth and get loads of information, articles and useful videos to help make your life a little easier to handle.