Colic – one of the most feared words by new parents worldwide. Colics are still a mystery to medical professionals – they can’t find the exact reason why they occur and there’s no way to treat them. You just have to wait them out and comfort your child as much as possible during these tough moments.

What causes a colic is still undetermined. Some theories believe that indigestion may be the leading cause, while other theories point to lactose intolerance. However, nothing has ever been confirmed. Fortunately, the Babocush cushion, also known as the Babocush rocker, is a safe and easy way to reduce the symptoms of colics.

Before going any further, lets take a look at the symptoms that occur during a colic.

What are Colic Symptoms

Before taking a look at how the Babocush tummy rocker can save your life during never-ending colic crisis’, we want to explain what type of symptoms you need to be on the lookout for. Colics appear in a variety of different forms, but here are the main symptoms that normally occur during a colic:

  • Very intense crying
  • Unusual sleep patterns and interrupted sleep
  • Different postures
  • Frequent flatulence or burping
  • Irregular appetite
  • Restlessness

If you notice your child experiencing any of the above symptoms, you probably have a child dealing with a colic. The unfortunate truth is that there’s not much you can do other than try to comfort your baby and wait it out. Walking with your baby in your arms until he/she calms down is the usual method, but this can take a long amount of time, with some colics lasting 1 to 2 hours.

How the Babocush Rocker Can Reduce These Symptoms

The Babocush is a revolutionary cushion that can help reduce the symptoms associated with colics, gases and reflux. The only real thing parents can do to reduce the symptoms of a colic is to help relieve some of the discomfort. This is exactly what the Babocush pillow achieves. Using a variety of materials, shapes and features, it manages to recreate a womb-like effect that is both calming and reassuring for your newborn. Babocush relieves gas, colic symptoms and is also known to be great for reducing flat head syndrome due to the fact that your child can rest on it's tummy.

Babocush reviews all over the internet share one thing in common – it’s a must-have rocker for every parent with a newborn. The mattress is made from an incredibly soft foam and covered by smooth fleece. A 5-point harness allows your baby to remain in complete safety while enjoying the comforting vibrations and heartbeat effects. All of these features combined create a very calming and soothing environment for your newborn that has proven time and time again to be excellent at reducing the symptoms of a colic. The Babocush baby chair is the only one of its kind that can achieve this – traditional baby swings and rockers just can’t seem to get the same results.

Babocush Safety Features:

As a pretty basic baby cushion, the Babocush does not require very many safety features. The 5-point harness ensures that your baby remains nice and safe at all times without any chances of falling out. This colic cushion was designed for infants between the ages of 0 to 6 months. Keep in mind that this is not a sleeping device – you should never let your baby sleep in this rocker and you should never leave them unattended.

Babocush Tummy Time:

The real fun comes when you lay your child down on this cushion for the first time. The tummy time experience is very comforting for your little one and gives them a sense of well-being. The vibrations help soothe your baby while the internal heartbeat helps to mimic the womb that your child experienced and loved for roughly 9 months. Vibrations and a gentle heartbeat sound truly make this an outstanding product.

Babocush is a Necessary Tool for All Parents with Newborns

If you ask any parent how they dealt with colic symptoms when their children where babies, they will always tell you it was awful. Long hours of intense crying with nothing to soothe them. Times have changed and the Babocush rocker is now the best solution to dealing with these terrible symptoms. Forget about walking in circles for hours at a time with your baby screaming in pain – this baby swing alternative is the number one tool that all parents should have in their arsenal. The peaceful womb like conditions are ideal for reducing colic and reflux discomfort. The Babocush is the next best thing to having your baby held in your arms. It’s also an excellent baby shower gift!

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