February 20, 2020 2 min read

At Hubble Connected, we have a wide range of home security cameras for you to choose from. These Motorola home cameras are powered by the Hubble app and allow you to keep a constant eye on your home when your away. However, they also come with plenty of other benefits as well such as being able to watch your pets when you’re gone.

Loaded with tons of great features such as motion detection and notifications sent directly to your mobile phone, using the Hubble app along with our Motorola cameras, you will never have to worry about leaving your pet home alone ever again.

Where to Place the Home Cameras for Maximum Benefit

When your main goal is to keep an eye on your pets, you won’t want to place the cameras at the same areas as you would when using the cameras for home security. With placing cameras for security purposes, you normally point them towards doors, windows and place them higher up. This is the opposite when keeping an eye on your pets.

Place the Cameras Lower

One thing to keep in mind when choosing the ideal camera placement is to place the cameras much lower than you normally would. Your pets are much shorter than humans, and it’s even better if you can place the camera right at their eye-level. If you place the cameras too high, you might not see them as much, especially if you’re a cat owner.

Find Their Usual Hangout Spots

As a pet owner, you probably know where your pets tend to hangout. Most pets have their own little spots that they prefer in your home and this is a great area to place the cameras. Maybe your dog loves sleeping on the couch or maybe your cat enjoys resting next to a window. Finding their favorite spots is the key to placing your cameras.

Keep an Eye on Forbidden Areas

Most homeowners train their pets to avoid certain areas. For instance, most homeowners don’t allow their cats to jump on the kitchen counter. Some don’t let their dogs go on the living room sofa. If you have a spot that you don’t want your pet accessing, make sure the camera has a view of that area. Pets are sneaky and they will most likely go there when you’re gone. Fortunately, our Motorola home cameras powered by Hubble Connected come with a two-way talk feature, which allows you to tell your dog to get off the couch, even if you’re away from home.

Wall Mount the Cameras for Best Results

When you buy a Motorola camera, you always have the option to wall mount it. It’s important that you do wall mount the cameras in order to avoid having your pet knock it down while you’re away. Once you begin talking to your pet through the camera, they will certainly become curious and this can lead to your pet knocking it over. By wall mounting it, it becomes much more sturdy and also becomes more difficult for your pet to knock over.

We recommend exploring the Focus71 – which is an affordable home security camera that works wonders as a pet camera too. It’s small, lightweight and comes with a wall mounting kit.

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