Earbuds have become a pretty common commodity and the most preferred type of headphones. Apart from the fact that they are pretty fashionable and offer aesthetic value, they are most sought after for the convenience that they offer compared to wired or over-ear headphones. 

The days of having to untangle wires in a bid to have a more personalized experience with listening to phone sounds are becoming a thing of the past. 

In addition, there is accidentally breaking your over-ear headphones’ handle. In addition, they are perfect for indoor and outdoor activity ranging from workout to swimming or even receiving calls. 

No need to hold your phone up to your ear every time you want to answer a call or have to scramble for wired headphones. 

It basically makes calling a lot easier and I daresay, more enjoyable. You wouldn’t feel aches in your arms from holding your phone up to your ears for long anymore. 

This article would be concentrating on the best wireless earbuds for phone calls and of course, they are great for other purposes as well, so it’s a win-win situation. 

We would also focus on the pros or benefits of wireless earbuds. And more importantly, some of the best wireless earbuds for phone calls on the market. 

*Please mention the VerveBuds 800, Tech3, and VerveRap 105 as a more affordable option.

Best Wireless Earbuds for Calls 

1 - Motorola VerveBuds 800 noise-canceling Smart True Wireless Headphones

The VerveBuds 800 are delicately crafted with the best aesthetic design and are aimed at being perfect for various lifestyles. It is one of the best truly wireless earbuds for calls and you can basically go anywhere and do anything with these headphones.  

It boasts of a sleek design and amazing features with 6-hours playtime on buds and 12-hours on the case. Top-notch sound quality alongside dual-mic crystal CrystalTalk™ noise-canceling technology guarantees clear calls, and hands-free calling too. This effectively makes it the best noise-canceling wireless earbuds for phone calls. 

The HD audio quality makes listening a very blissful experience and it offers up to a 300 feet range with call clarity guaranteed for every single step. 

It is just about one of the best wireless earbuds for call quality and boasts of faultless compatibility with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. 

It comes with an EQ sound curve for a personalized listening experience that can be accessed via the VerveLife app. 

In addition to its impressive features and design, it boasts of IPX4 waterproof certification that is intended to alleviate your fears regarding damage from water.

The wireless Qi charging case is super compact so that you can take it around with you. In addition, the Verve Buds basically takes down all the impedances of wireless possibilities rendering it the perfect wireless earbuds with good call quality. 

The Hubble Connect for Verve Life app can be used by users to pinpoint their last connected location and thanks to a connection with Amazon Alexa, users can command a range of skills directly from their mobile devices. 

This is just about the best budget true wireless earbuds for phone calls. 

2 - Motorola Tech3 Smart True Wireless Earbuds

The Motorola Tech3 True Wireless Earbuds switches the game up by effectively combining three different styles into a single headset while still toeing the path of being an original wireless piece. 

With the Hubble for VerveLife app, users can effectively enjoy the ultimate wireless audio experience. 

It comes with various remarkable features including voice assistance support that helps you find your earbuds when they are missing. 

This groundbreaking piece of tech offers an infinite number of solutions for various lifestyles with total control at your disposal and no whatsoever. 

With the Hubble for VerveLife app, users can stay connected at all times and from anywhere. Controlling music, smart home devices, managing tasks as well as getting weather updates requires only your voice command. 

With voice assistants including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, you can easily get things done with zero stress. 

In the event that you misplace your earbuds, using the “Find Your Headphones,” feature, you can easily pull up the map and pinpoint the location where you last used it. This is just about the best wireless earbuds for phone calls under $100. 

You get to enjoy up to 7 hours of battery. With the case at your disposal for protection and charging, you get battery power of up to 11 hours from the case and a quick 15-minute charge would give you up to 3 hours of playtime. 


The Tech3 earbuds are designed with an IPX5 rating which implies that the earbuds are protected from dust and can withstand sweat, water, and rain as well. With three different sizes of earbud tips, you can be guaranteed comfort and stability all through the day. 

3 - Motorola VerveRap 105 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

The Motorola VerveRap 105 is one of the best cheap wireless earbuds for calls. Sever yourself from the restrictions that headphones impose on you on a family basis. 

With the Verve Rap 105, you can effectively attain levels of maximum comfort and convenience with the restrictions that Bluetooth headphone technology would get rid of. 

Free yourself from the worries of unsecured fit with its flexible neckband and sleek earbud-style back band, and relieve yourself from the concerns of losing it with its magnetic earbuds that lock together when it's not in use.

The Verve Rap 105 boasts of an 8-hour playtime, incredible sound quality, IPX5 waterproof feature, as well as hands-free calling capability. 

Compatibility with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant voice commands guarantee that you can control what you listen to while on the go. To further solidify an incredible experience, it boasts of a tangle-free magnetic design as well. 

These earbuds which are unarguably one of the best wireless earbuds for android phone calls is ultra-light-weight and comes with a secure neckband that keeps the headphones around your neck, so you can easily take them wherever you go. 

A vibration alert is present to make sure that you never miss a call and you’re guaranteed up to 8 hours of playtime. 

Take your music anywhere with the VerveRap 105 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds. These earbuds offer maximum comfort while playing bold and defined sound, to keep you free from any distractions. 

With the built-in microphone, you can go hands-free and recall that compatible voice assistants are on ground to guarantee you a beautiful experience. 

Pros of Using Wireless Earbuds

1 - Comfort  

It goes without saying that this is one of the major benefits of using wireless earbuds. One amazing feature of the earbuds is its wireless nature. 

Having to deal with tangled wires and trying to ensure that you do not tug too hard on the wire so that it disconnects can be pretty stressful. 

But with the elimination of wires and retaining of great sounds, this is about all anybody could ask for. 

For wired headphones, it is practically impossible to get anything done or engage in activities without the wires serving as an impedance. 

With earbuds, they are so light and convenient that you forget that they are in your ears after a while. In addition, they sit well in the ear and fit in perfectly. 

2 - Ease of Movement 

Earbuds basically take away the restrictions that wires imposed on you. Basically, wires are very limiting, with your having to be conscious of them with your every move. 

Earbuds give you the much-needed freedom that you need to walk around without having to take your phone along or whichever other devices it is that you are connected to. 

In addition, wired earphones are not suited to certain activities which basically defeats the purpose of having them. 

Depending on the type of Bluetooth technology that your earbuds use, it is possible for you to go as far as 40 meters away from your phone before your earbuds would get disconnected. 

This basically improves ease of movement by leaps and bounds. Now, you can leave your phone to charge in one room, and listen to audio uninterrupted in another room. 

Why Should You Make the Switch to Wireless Earbuds 

To start with, before making any purchase decision, you need to compare your position at that very moment and then what it would be like after your purchase. Would it make life easier for you? Is it worth the cash that you’re about to spend? 

You should answer these questions before buying any product. If after you have considered these and determined that you would be better off, then you might as well go ahead with your purchase.  

Earbuds are great for people who are searching for comfort and convenience. If you’re tired of the restrictions that wired headphones impose, then there is really nothing preventing you from making a switch. 

The Bottomline 

Wireless headphones are great for activities like exercising, they are great for use with phone calls too. Prepare to experience a new dimension of comfort and convenience.