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Home security cameras are a great way to boost your security but they would only work optimally if you position them to do just that. 

They guarantee 24/7 protection and you can leave your home knowing full well that all you need is a look at your compatible smartphone and you know exactly what is going on. 

In addition, the fact that you can access footage irrespective of location simply makes it a lot more reassuring. 

When installing home security cameras, you would typically need more than one camera in order to cover ground better. 

Although most cameras can rotate and zoom just fine, multiple cameras would only make surveillance a lot more seamless. 

Therefore, as you would door and window sensors, you should install home security cameras in multiple locations. 

Beyond installing multiple cameras, it is essential that you know the perfect locations to install these cameras in order to capture any movement irrespective of whichever corner it occurs. 

You should avoid creating blind spots that can be exploited and ensure that you identify locations that provide the widest viewing range. 

What To Consider When Locating Home Security Cameras 

There are high traffic spots in homes and they are pretty peculiar to individual homes. These areas are more likely to be broken into and your security surveillance cameras should be concentrated in these areas. Correct placement cannot be overemphasized and wrong placement would invariably defeat the purpose of having cameras for security at home. 

First off, you need to consider height. Home security cameras should be placed at a height that is considered out of reach so that they cannot be tampered with, knocked down or damaged. Interior cameras should be located very close to the ceiling while exterior cameras should be located at a second story-level—at least nine feet from ground level. 

In addition, security cameras have to be installed securely so that they do not move out of position. Some cameras can typically be attached to surfaces with the aid of adhesives but directly screwing then to a wall guarantees more stability. 

Locating the right angle for installation is as vital as installing the camera itself. If your camera is placed directly above doors or windows and they are not angled properly, you may only be able to see the top of a burglar’s head. You can place them about a foot or two close to a window or door and angle the camera down with a full view of the entrance. 

This may even help to ward off potential burglars. If your cameras are wireless, you need to confirm that your home WiFi signal strength is top-notch. Your indoor and outdoor security cameras require a strong WiFi signal in order to record and relay surveillance footage. 

In the absence of an internet connection, the connection of your camera may be completely severed from the home security system. A weak WiFi signal may also render footage distorted or choppy. 

Specific Locations To Place a Home Surveillance Camera 

When installing cameras for your house, there are specific locations that have to be prioritized. These locations can be regarded as hotspots and are areas that you need to keep an eye on in the home. They comprise the following: 

1 - Front Door  

Statistics show that about 34% of burglars use the front door as their entry point. Therefore, it is imperative to note that this is one place you need to prioritize highly. As a matter of fact, this is the most important camera location as far as outside of your home is concerned. In order to prevent your camera from being knocked out, it is advisable to place it at a second-floor level. However, if your home has only one level, you could reinforce its location with mesh wiring to prevent tampering. 

2 - Back Door 

About 22% of burglars gain entry into homes using the back door, so it is definitely one location that home protection cameras should be located. Side doors shouldn’t be left out of this mix either. To be on the safe side, you could always attach cameras to all the doors you have that lead outside of your house and can as well be used as an entry point. While installing the camera, ensure that it is out of reach or reinforce with materials to protect it from being tampered with. 

3 - Windows 

For your windows, installing good home security cameras above your off-street windows is essential. Statistics show that 23% of burglars break into homes using rear windows that are not in view of the street. This would also make it less likely to spot them, given that they are entering from a “discrete” location. It is essential to keep an eye on the off-street windows. Matter of fact, keep a camera pointed at them. 

4 - Other Places of Interest 

Installing home security video cameras around your doors and off-street windows greatly increase the security of your home and may reduce the chances of your home getting burgled up to 80%. 

However, there may be certain areas of interest and these may be specific to various homes. But some of the common places of interest that you could install a house surveillance camera could be your driveways, basement, garage, or second floor (if your home has one). 

This way you can be certain that every probable entry point is covered. Now that you know exactly how to go about installing a CCTV camera for home, we might as well talk about some of the best home camera systems. 

Best Security Cameras for Your Home

Apart from securing your outdoors better, knowing exactly what is going on indoors is important as well and these cameras are the best at doing just this.

1 - Motorola FOCUS86 WiFi HD Home Monitoring Camera

The description that best fits the Motorola FOCUS86 is that it is a remote Wi-Fi® camera. This camera allows you to convert any compatible internet-enabled device into a home video monitor that works just great. 

Downloading the Hubble App allows you to stream events happening in your home in real-time. This way you can stay connected to loved ones at home and your beloved pets with resolution up to 1080p HD. With the simple push of a button, you can manually record videos and use the image snapshot feature as well. 

Beyond seeing your household in real-time, the two-way communication feature ensures that you can communicate with them and hear their responses. The Motorola FOCUS86 comes with a built-in high sensitivity microphone and speakers. The infrared night vision guarantees that even in the dark or very low light levels, you can see what is going on very clearly. 

With the optional Cloud Video Recording (CVR) service, you can record every single action that goes down in your home. 

The video is then securely stored in the cloud and can be accessed at any time via your smartphone, tablet, or computer. All you need do is select one option between one, seven, or thirty days of motion-triggered recorded video.

This camera comes with a pre-installed 8GB microSD card that allows you to manually record footage and then save the video on the card and can be accessed via the Hubble app. With a guarantee of up to 24 hours recorded video history, you can stay rest assured that you wouldn’t miss any action. 

Even while you’re away from home, you can remain in the know thanks to motion, sound, and room temperature notifications. Whenever motion is detected, a notification is instantly sent to your compatible device and a snapshot would be sent from the camera to the Hubble app. 

The camera’s high sensitivity microphone picks up even the softest sounds and you can remain at ease knowing that nothing would miss its view. You can monitor the temperature of your home at any point in time and you would receive alerts when the temperature hits extremes of heat or cold. 

Thanks to the ease of setup, you don’t have to acquire any prior technical knowledge. All you have to do is get the video camera out of the packaging, plug it in, and then download the Hubble app on your smartphone. Following the simple and detailed in-app setup instruction, you would be good to go in a short while. 

2 - Motorola FOCUS66-BLK2

The Motorola FOCUS66-BLK2 allows you to keep an eye on your home at any time and from anywhere. With any compatible device, you can easily check surveillance footage from this two-camera monitoring system. It converts the device into a functional Wi-Fi® home video monitor. 

Downloading the Hubble Connected App allows you to stream videos in resolution up to 720p HD. With a constant knowledge of the state of your home thanks to sound, motion, and temperature notifications, you can sleep better at night whenever you’re away. 

It also comes with two-way communication and infrared night vision for seeing in the dark and lowly lit places. 

The Bottomline 

Home security cameras are a necessity in order to protect your home from burglars and trespassers. 

Knowing that your home is under constant surveillance even when you’re not physically present is a great source of comfort and one that you should definitely tap into. 

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