Love music, but always on the go? No worries, the smart Bluetooth speakers provide a high-quality listening experience to music enthusiasts. The speakers are wirelessly connected to Bluetooth, enhancing the comfort of the listener.

The use of Bluetooth speakers is on the rise, and for all the right reasons. They offer a better option to users over traditional wired speakers with their better wireless qualities. The rapid advancement and increasing acceptance of these speakers have led to the creation of numerous types of Bluetooth speakers.

Now, with a newer technology from tech giants like Motorola, you can also wear a pair of headphones connected to the speaker, for a more private experience. Discover more here.

What are Bluetooth Speakers?

Bluetooth speakers are wireless, and mostly compact speakers aimed for convenient listening. Since they are wireless, they are easy to carry around.

Also, you don't need to go through the troubles of untangling and dragging wires for connection. Bluetooth speakers can be used with compatible smartphones, tablets, and many other devices.

The improved technology of Hubble Motorola Sphere+, 2-in-1 audio system makes the whole experience much more convenient and worthwhile. Motorola Sphere+, along with all the functions of a Bluetooth speaker, features a detachable headset for private listening. The headset offers up to 20 hours of playtime.

Bluetooth speakers have similar technology to that of car speakers and cellphones. The sound is transmitted from the source through airwaves, into the Bluetooth device. Unlike Wi-Fi speakers, Bluetooth speakers don't need a Wi-Fi connection.

What Makes Bluetooth Speakers Better than Wired Speakers?

You may ask, what makes them better than the long-trusted wired speakers? Their high-quality sound with every new update makes them stand out amongst all others. More reasons for their wide admiration include:

  • Portability

    You can easily move them around your house. If you're busy, or just resting in bed, turn on the bluetooth speaker and switch to your favorite playlists. You can also play rhymes and lullabies for your little one, or relaxing sounds while working or sleeping.

    You can even use streaming apps like Hubble on your mobile devices to play your favorite music, and operate these speakers from distance.

  • Share Your Music

    Got an amazing song to share, but your lousy phone speaker won't let you? Play it for everyone on the bluetooth speaker. You can also use the speaker outdoors, for a party in the backyard, a family picnic, or a long road trip. Make any event more enjoyable with your favorite music.

  • Answer Hands-free Calls

    Ever got fined for answering your cell phone while driving? We know its not a good feeling. But who needs to hold a phone when you can use your bluetooth speaker for hands-free calling. A bluetooth speaker lets you talk to the caller in clear sound quality.

  • Bluetooth Speakers with Headphones

    The current technology of Motorola Sphere+ Bluetooth Speaker with a headset, lets you switch from a full room sound system to discreet listening over headphones. The speaker delivers a clear HD sound and acts as a charging port for the headset.

    The speaker and the headset has an inbuilt mic for making and receiving calls. Furthermore, the integration of Siri, Cortana, and Google Now let you give voice commands to the speaker.

  • Ease of Compatibility

    Bluetooth speakers are compatible with a variety of devices such as smartphones, iPods, smartwatches, tablets, and more. That makes them all the more convenient and worth a chance.

Pros and Cons of Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are becoming increasingly popular amongst a large population of keen listeners. Not only youngsters and adults, but children also like and can learn from this unique technology.


Here are some reasons why bluetooth speakers are taking over wired speakers.

  • Bluetooth speakers receive sound wirelessly, through Bluetooth.
  • Bluetooth speakers are portable and easy to move around the house or outdoors without the fuss of wires, cords, or cables.
  • The advanced technology of these speakers ensures rich sound quality without much disruption.
  • Bluetooth speakers are battery-powered. It frees the user from any waiting or charging cables.
  • They have versatile usage. You can use them indoors for pleasure listening, as children entertainers, or carry them along with you to parties and picnics.
  • These speakers don't require any installation making them super convenient for every age group.


Despite all the useful features, Bluetooth speakers have a few drawbacks. Here are some disadvantages to these speakers.

  • Bluetooth speakers have a limited range of 30ft to a maximum of 60ft, depending on the type of the speaker.
  • Some bluetooth speakers may not be compatible with every smartphone. You need to check if the speaker works with your device before buying it.
  • Bluetooth speakers tend to cost more than wired speakers.


Bluetooth speakers are particularly efficient, battery-powered speakers. They can save you from the hassle of untangling wires and finding an aux cable to connect them. They are also attractive for all age groups, including children and older people looking for some relaxation.

Although they have a limited range, Bluetooth speakers are still very convenient devices to use. You can use them indoors as well as outdoors while encountering minimum to no interruption in the connection.