Many parents experience increased anxiety once they bring their baby home from the hospital. Even though you’re always next to your little one, during those first months, it can be hard to determine if their breathing is normal, or if their heart beats are healthy.

The Solution? The Motorola Comfort Cloud.

No need to strap material or wires onto your baby, to know if they’re ok. This smart baby lounger incorporates a smart sensor strip that slides into the bottom cushion and monitors your little one’s breathing and heart rate, while giving them maximum comfort. For life’s messier moments, use the soft, machine-washable cover that’s included with your purchase.

Download the Hubble Connected app to monitor your baby’s current and average breathing and heart rates, see their activity status in real-time, view their daily and monthly activity reports, and much more!

  • Comfort Cloud Lounger
  • LuxBU Camera
  • Breathing and Heart Rate Sensor Strip
  • Machine-Washable Cover
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • USB Power Cables
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Monitors and tracks baby’s breathing and heart rate
  • Low power and safe-to-use Bluetooth connectivity
  • Local alarm sounds when no breathing or ‘out-of-bed’ status is detected
  • Download the Hubble Connected App – available in the App Store and Google Play
  • See live activity status in real-time
  • Track activity data
  • Review daily and monthly activity reports
  • View your baby’s current and average breathing and heart rates
  • Receive alerts when:
                - Abnormal breathing or heart rate is detected
                - No breathing is detected after 20 seconds
                - Out-of-bed status is detected
                - Lounger’s battery is low
  • Use the Baby Tracker to log your child's growth and development
  • Receive supportive sleep and parenting articles and videos
  • Model: MBP89SN
  • Ideal for infants 0-5 months
  • Battery life lasts up to 5 days
  • Lounger Measurements: 30.50” L x 15.20” W x 3.66” H
  • Lounger Weight: 4.59 lbs.
  • Packaging Measurements: 30.70” L x 15.75” W x 3.86” H
  • Packaging Weight: 5.07 lbs.
  • Requires a compatible smartphone/tablet and Bluetooth connection with range up to 16ft.
  • To receive data, ensure that the smartphone/tablet is within 16ft of the lounger in order to transfer data via Bluetooth
  • Ensure there is a clear line of sight between smartphone/tablet and lounger – any obstruction between the smartphone/tablet and the lounger will reduce range significantly
  • Data is dependent on baby’s resting position and other factors affecting breathing detection
  • Battery life and charge cycles vary with use, setting and other factors; actual results will vary
  • The Comfort Cloud is not an FDA approved medical device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or condition
  • The Comfort Cloud is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions
  • You should not use this product to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease, without consulting a qualified healthcare provider
  • Consult licensed medical provider for interpretation of data
  • Adult supervision required at all times
  • Never leave baby unattended
  • Be alert that baby is not secured to the baby lounger and can come out
  • Never allow baby to lay face down on this product
  • Always place baby on their back with no pillows, blankets or other loose materials that could cover baby’s mouth and/or nose or cause baby to become entangled
  • Do not allow any part of this product (or any fabric) to cover baby’s nose or mouth
  • To prevent strangulation or entanglement, only use the included cover with the baby lounger
  • Always secure the included cover to the baby lounger base with the Velcro fasteners provided
  • Never use in crib, bassinette, bed or on soft surface, or confined area with walls or vertical structures where baby can become entrapped
  • Never use on or near a surface from which baby can fall
  • Never use it to carry baby
  • Never use lounger for co-sleeping in adult bed
  • Never rely on breathing and heart rate sensor strip, app and/or alarm to keep baby safe
  • Check proper placement and security of baby lounger and functioning of breathing and heart rate sensor prior to each use
  • Never place lounger near hazards such as water, heating devices, window cords, chargers, etc.
  • Stop using lounger when baby can roll over
  • Keep batteries and breathing and heart rate sensor strip out of reach of children
  • Do not charge with baby in the lounger
  • For instructions to setup and safely use this product, see enclosed manual
  • Read and follow American Academy of Pediatrics Safe Sleep guidelines found at www.aap.org

Comfort Cloud Features

The Hubble Connected App

Baby Monitoring Redefined

Frequently Asked Questions

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