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In today’s modern world, the ability to capture important moments and information on digital media is often taken for granted. You have your smartphone and other devices at your fingertips. But what about when you’re on the road or traveling?

Dash cams are uniquely designed video cameras that are made to be mounted to the dash of your vehicle, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your trip is being documented and important details recorded.

The Benefits of Dash Cams for Car Security

Accurate and Reliable Video Evidence: In the aftermath of a collision, video evidence can mean the difference between insurance payouts and ensuring those “at fault” are held accountable. 

Capture Crimes: Those living in high crime or high traffic areas, or who are concerned about keeping an eye on the area when they are away, can rely on dash cams that turn on if there is motion around the vehicle. Easily capture footage of vandalism, parking lot collisions and more.

Monitor Children: Parents with newly licensed drivers or who “loan” their cars to their kids may want to use the footage as an opportunity to ensure responsible driving behaviors and to use the footage as a “coaching” or “teaching” tool to help them be safer on the road. Some dash cams also come with a GPS function built-in, meaning you’ll always have peace of mind knowing where your children are and that they arrived safely at their destination. View our indoor home cameras collection here

Record Memories on the Road: Road trips, vacations and day to day errands with friends, family or other loved ones provide an opportunity to capture some of your favorite memories on film. High-definition audio and video, with intuitive and hands-free controls, make doing so easy and safe when on the road.

Available Dash Cam Features Include:

  • HD video capture
  • High-quality audio capture
  • Motion sensor activation
  • GPS-enabled
  • microSD data storage
  • And more…
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Motorola MDC100 (1080p) Full HD Dash Camera

The Motorola MDC100 (1080p) Full HD Dash Cam with 2.7" screen gives you peace of mind while driving as it captures a video of what’s happening right in front of...
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