Motorola CARE+ Non-contact SMART Forehead, Liquid & Food Baby Thermometer

The Motorola CARE+ non-contact smart forehead gives families peace of mind when it comes to staying healthy. Conveniently measure forehead and liquid temperatures, such as milk or bath water by simply holding the thermometer within an inch of the forehead or liquid to get an accurate reading, in less than a second. If a high body temperature is detected, the thermometer will light up red, notifying you of a fever. The non-contact feature provides a more sanitary experience for you and your family and is the perfect solution when checking temperatures of sleeping children or babies, without disturbing them. Download the Hubble Connected app, to track and store temperature history, monitor fevers over time, share readings, set appointment reminders and medicine alarms and much more!

Non-Contact Therometer, Loaded with Features.

The Motorola CARE+ Touchless thermometer is the only one of its kind. You can easily take your child's temperature without having to wake them up during the night. 

Measure the temperature of foreheads, liquid and even food. Make sure your baby's milk is always just right and make sure their soup isn't too hot. Convenience and simplicity of use make the Motorola CARE thermometer a must-have in every parent's arsenal. 

Being able to save up to 30 temperature readings is ideal for seeing how your child's fever is progressing and whether or not you may need to get medical assistance. Additionally, as a non-contact thermometer, you can quickly check the temperature of multiple people without having to wipe and clean the thermometer between uses.


Forehead, Liquid & Food Temperatures

With the Motorola CARE+ thermometer by your side, you'll never have to worry about fevers, hot liquids or even boiling hot meals.

The CARE+ lets you easily and quickly measure body temperatures without making any actual contact with the person. You can also take accurate readings of liquids and meals. Whether you want to test your child's soup, milk or even their forehead, the Motorola CARE+ powered by Hubble Connected is a must for every household.


Powered by Hubble

The Motorola CARE+ thermometer is a must-have tool in every parent's arsenal. Powered by Hubble, this thermometer can seamlessly synchronize with the Hubble Connected app so you can always keep track of your readings.

By logging readings, you can easily show your doctor the progress of your or your child's fever. Keep track of everything in one easy to use dashboard.


Log Medications, Appointments & More

Logging medical information is often tedious. Setting up appointments is just as boring. Fortunately, with the Hubble Connected app, you can log everything in one convenient dashboard.

Keep track of upcoming doctor appointments, log your child's temperatures, symptoms and so much more. Add notes so you can remember what you want to talk to your doctor about. The Hubble Connected app and Motorola CARE+ combination is a necessity for parents.

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