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The Motorola Smart Nursery Cam is a portable Wi-Fi® video baby camera that enables you to keep an eye on things from anywhere in the world on your compatible smartphone, tablet, or computer.


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Motorola Smart Nursery Cam Portable Wi-Fi® Video Baby Camera


The Motorola Smart Nursery Cam is a portable Wi-Fi® video baby camera that enables you to keep an eye on things from anywhere in the world on your compatible smartphone or tablet. The Hubble app allows you to receive sound, motion, humidity, and temperature notifications to your compatible viewing device so you can always stay connected to what’s going on. A wide range of analytics, including sleep quality monitoring and expression detection, give you peace of mind that your little one is healthy and happy. Remote pan, tilt, and zoom on the portable, battery-powered camera ensures that you have the perfect view of your child, and the crystal clear two-way audio allows you to communicate while on the go. With Motorola’s Smart Nursery Cam, you’re free to watch them dream from anywhere.

Want To Stay Connected With Your Baby Even When You Are Out Of The House?

Whenever you do house chores or go on errands, you may need to leave your sleeping little munchkin behind. However, it can make you feel worried and questions star filling your head –"Is my baby doing ok?”, “Has my little angel woken up?, or “What is my baby up to now?”. Having a video monitor in your baby’s room would be the best solution to keep your mind at ease whenever you head out

The Smart Nursery Camera by Motorola lets you keep a close watch on your little one no matter where you are.

Always In Touch

As a loving parent, you never want to leave your baby's side. Sadly, work and household chores need to be completed - forcing you to exit your baby's room to get things done. This baby monitor will be your best friend for those instances when you leave your little one alone in his or her room. Whether you are at work or in the grocery store, you may enjoy a live feed of your baby's room on your smartphone or tablet over an active WiFi connection.

Clear Night-Time Video Feed

Want to enjoy a clear view of your baby even when the room is dim or dark? This wireless video camera has you covered. Its infrared night vision captures bright, clear, and vivid videos even under low light conditions. Turn down the lights in your little one's room without worries – this wireless baby video camera will capture all the slightest details - even in the dark.

Soothe Them To Sleep

The camera comes pre-loaded with soothing sounds, lullabies, and bedtime stories, which you can play from your smartphone or tablet. The Hubble app also lets you download more relaxing sounds and allows you to create personal audio recordings for your little one.

Complete Parenting Support

Download the Hubble app on your smartphone to maximize the features of this baby video monitor. This app for parents features a handy growth and development tracker, and provides you with a variety of useful sleep and parenting tips – making the whole parenting experience a fun, wholesome, and rewarding one.







Portable Wi-Fi® Video Baby Monitor


Sound, Motion, Humidity and Temperature Notifications


Remote Pan, Tilt, and Zoom


Yes, up to 2 cameras


Yes, visit hubbleconnected.com/plans


Two-way communication, Infrared Night Vision, Temperature, Lullabies



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