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Go “old school” with these tried and true classics. Wired headphones provide superior sound quality and reliability without the need for “charging” or pesky batteries. Best of all, they are simple to use. Simply plug them in and you’re off to the races and ready to enjoy your favorite audio, music, podcast or other electronics. Options range from traditional headsets to earbuds with as style perfect for any situation.

Child Proof/Friendly

As parents, child safety and friendliness is at the top of our priority list. These wired headphones are made from superior quality materials and engineered to last. They can take a beating from your child and keep on ticking. 


Some of us (or our kids) have skin allergies or sensitivities, especially as it relates to certain types of plastic, vinyl, polymers and other common materials used in manufacturing. The wired headphones we carry are made from non-allergenic and safe materials that can be comfortably worn without irritation or discomfort.

Safe Volume Limit

Research has revealed that excessive headphone volume settings is a leading cause of loss of hearing later in life. Our headphones come with integrated safe volume limits to ensure you or your child doesn’t “overdo” it.


Quality, reliability and impeccable sound, all in an affordable package with options for virtually any budget make our headphones worth a look. From ergonomic and discreet “earphones” that fit snuggly in virtually any size or shape of ear, to noise-cancelling traditional ear-muff style headsets, we have something for everyone. Click here to view our collection of the best wireless headphones.