Motorola Sonic Play 100 Bluetooth Speaker in White

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Motorola Sonic Play 100 Bluetooth Speaker offers great sound in a small package. This Bluetooth speaker produces powerful audio, letting your music be heard loud and clear, in a portable, lightweight design that can come with you wherever you go. Listen to your music over Bluetooth or via the AUX-IN port, and feel free to roam with up to 50 feet of Bluetooth range. Motorola Sonic Play 100 Bluetooth Speaker. Great sound on the go.
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Wireless Freedom.

Nothing should get in the way of the music you love. Including wires. Bluetooth® technology and a portable, lightweight design let you take Motorola Sonic Play 100 Bluetooth® Speaker anywhere.


Big sound. Small Package.

Motorola Sonic Play 100 Bluetooth® Speaker packs a punch, delivering great sound so your music sounds better than ever. And you can listen two ways – over Bluetooth® or via the AUX-IN port.

Plays Well With Others.

Connect to nearly all other Bluetooth®-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, music players, and other products from many major brands.


Frequently Asked Questions

No. Only the Sonic Play+ 275 offers this option.

Turn Bluetooth on your device. Turn speaker on charge before use - Status Light. - Blue/Red flashes rapidly. - Go to your bluetooth setting and pair ‘Sonic Play 100’.

There is not an FM mode in this model.

You can connect your Motorola Sonic Play to all kinds of devices, from smartphones to laptops to tablets – if it has Bluetooth capabilities.

Bluetooth & Aux-in. Bluetooth mode is always the default mode when device is switched on. When an Aux-in cable is plugged in, it gets the priority.