Motorola Smart Tag

Motorola Smart Tag

Motorola Smart Tag

From taking selfies and tracking your phone or keys to sending emergency alerts to your loved ones, the Motorola Smart Tag helps you do all that and more. Compact and stylish, this battery-operated tracking device can be easily attached to your key chain.
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Using Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0, the smart tag is powered by a one-year replaceable battery, and connects to the GPS on your device. The latter can be used to track down your phone, car keys and more. To prevent annoying and unwanted alerts at home or in the office, the Safe Zone can be turned on to prevent the smart tag from generating an alert.


Safe Zone

The Safe Zone can only be enabled while connected to a Wi-Fi signal. Once you are out of Wi-Fi range, the smart tag will alert you if you've left your office or home without your keys or phone. A camera trigger function can be set on your CONNECT COIN, allowing you to remotely snap a picture. The CONNECT COIN will also allow you to control your music. Skip tracks or change the song that is currently playing by using the accessory. And if you're in danger, press the SOS Alert button and your current location is sent to friends and family.

Selfies Made Easy

Just long press the button to take a selfie and double click to share. Locate Me: Press the button three times smart and silent dynamic updates to your loved ones. Key and Phone Finder: Press the button once to never lose your keys or phone again.

Frequently Asked Questions

The included smart tag can be set up in two ways. It can be set to sense movement when attached to windows and doors to ensure your home is secure. Or the tag can be set to sense identification through presence or absence when worn by people or pets, or attached to objects.

The smart tag is fully weatherproof (IP67 rating), letting you attach on to windows, doors from outside.

Yes. With a simple touch of the screen on your smartphone you can talk through the device.

Yes, you can pair your camera with any camera through your Hubble account.

There is no limit to the number of cameras you can add to your Hubble account. Between all connected cameras you can select any one of those in order to view that particular one.

No, you do not need a subscription to use this camera. This camera will let you stream live video and view snapshots of events that happen in your home without any sort of subscription*. Recording plans are available for purchase if you would like to record video. *Please note: Streaming video over a mobile network may incur extra data charges.