Motorola VerveBuds 110 Compact Water-Resistant True Wireless Headphones

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The VerveBuds 110 Compact Water-Resistant True Wireless Headphones focus on what matters most – staying connected on the move.
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These wire-free earbuds give you a light-weight, secure fit with rich stereo sound, so you can listen with no distractions. Created with waterproof protection and designed to work with any smartphone, tablet or computer, they give you the freedom of listening anytime, anywhere, rain or shine. Stay connected all day with up to 8.5 hours of playtime and charge them anywhere using the portable charging case (included). Go hands-free with the built-in mic and receive full support from the smart voice assistants Siri, Google Now and Alexa. The VerveBuds 110. Wireless Music Simplified.

True wireless

Indulge in a true wireless experience with Verve Buds 110 as they sit snugly in your ears playing the music you love. Move through your day untethered and seize all opportunities that come your way with your trusty smart assistant by your side.

Smart assistance

Verve Buds 110 are voice enabled with smart assistance. Access Alexa and let it help you make the most of your day. It is the modern solution to all problems.


Built to face the elements, Verve Buds 110 do not fear rain, accidental spillage or sweat. They keep on doing their job that is delivering you your music in the best way possible.

12-hour playtime

Get up to 12-hour total playtime with Verve Buds 110 and the charging case. The buds give a 4-hour continuous playtime that can be extended with the charging case by an additional 8 hours. Now, you never have to go out without your music.

Touch control

Intuitive and smart, Verve Buds 110 have touch controls so you can accept calls, change songs or access Alexa on the go. Just a touch and the smart world is yours to command!

Built-in Mic

Verve Buds 110 come with a built-in mic that lets you access your smart assistant by voice command. Now, summon the smartness and experience your world, wirelessly.


Frequently Asked Questions

• Insert the Vervebuds into your ear and rotate to fit comfortably.
• To optimize the best fitting and audio experience, it is recommended to try different earbud sizes.

1. Ensure both buds are inside the charging case with the lid closed. Take both buds out from the case.
2. Select "Vervebuds 300" from the smartphone Bluetooth menu.
3. Switch off the right bud by either holding MFB for 2 seconds or by putting the right bud into the case with lid closed.
4. Put the left bud into pairing mode by holding it for 5 seconds.
5. Select "Vervebuds 110(L)"

• Pairing: Red-blue flash
• Standby: Blue flash
• Charging: Red steady
• Fully charged: Off
• Battery low: Red flash