VerveOnes+ Music Edition Black/Lime

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These VerveOnes+ Music Edition Earbuds are designed to work with any smartphone, tablet or computer, these Bluetooth earbuds fit securely inside your ears without wires so you can enjoy your music without limitation. These earbuds have a sweat and waterproof rating of IP57 and are Alexa, Siri and Google Now compatible.
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Great Sound

With your VerveOnes+ Music Edition Earbuds, you can enjoy a great audio experience with deep and rich HD sound.


8 hours with charging case

Boasting up to eight hours play time with the included portable rechargeable case, these VerveOnes+ Music Edition Earbuds won’t let you down.

Always in touch

VerveOnes+ Music Edition Earbuds come with a built-in mic for making and taking calls, you can always stay connected with your friends and family.


Frequently Asked Questions

VerveOnes+ are both waterproof and sweatproof. VerveOnes are not, though, nor are the battery charging cases that come with both devices.

VerveLife’s specialized audio codecs wirelessly deliver HD sound by transmitting the entire music bandwidth to the earbuds, perfectly preserving your music’s quality via a Bluetooth® connection.

VerveOnes can hold their charge for over 12 hours(1) – enough for both commutes and everything in between. Just be sure to keep them in their portable charging case when you’re not using them.

The VerveOnes have 33 feet of Bluetooth range.

You can connect your VerveOnes to all kinds of devices, from smartphones to laptops to tablets – if it has Bluetooth capabilities, you can connect your VerveOnes to it.

Yes, the Hubble Connect app for VerveLife unlocks the full potential of your VerveLife device, connecting it to your Hubble Connect Cloud account, making streaming, sharing, and more a breeze. Plus you can use Hubble Connect app to locate your VerveOnes, in case you ever misplace them. Download the latest version for iOS or Android.