Motorola CARE Non-contact Forehead, Liquid & Food Baby Thermometer

The Motorola Care non-contact forehead and liquid thermometer gives families peace of mind, when it comes to staying healthy. Conveniently measure forehead and liquid temperatures, such as milk or bath water by simply holding the thermometer within an inch of the forehead or liquid to get an accurate reading, in less than a second. If a high body temperature is detected, the thermometer will light up red, notifying you of a fever. The non-contact feature provides a more sanitary experience for you and your family and is the perfect solution when checking temperatures of sleeping children or babies, without disturbing them.


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The Motorola Care 3-in-1 Non-Contact Baby Thermometer measures temperatures within an inch in less than a second. This allows for easy no-touch readings of foreheads, foods and liquids (like milk or bath water). It’s both a hygienic and convenient option.

Save up to 30 Readings

Tracking your child's fever isn't always easy. You health care professional will most likely ask you how long your child has been experiencing feverish temperatures, at which hours does it fluctuate and whether or not it goes down with medicine.

With the Motorola CARE thermometer, you can easily store up to 30 temperature recordings. This allows you to have all the answers right there on the device itself. Quickly and easily go back and check out various temperature readings.

Night Mode Keeps Your Baby Asleep

Have you ever had to take a baby's temperature during the night?

It's an awful experience for both you and the baby. You have to wake them up, insert the thermometer, wait for roughly 30 seconds and by then, your child is wide awake and most likely crying.

The Motorola CARE thermometer makes this experience much easier. You don't even need to wake up your baby. Take the reading as far as 1 inch away from your baby.

Plus, use the night mode feature to silence the beeping sounds. This makes sure you won't have to bother your baby at all while taking their temperature. 



  • Measure the temperature of foreheads, liquid and food
  • Take the reading as far as 1 inch away
  • Quick & accurate readings in under 1 second
  • Indicator light turns red if fever is detected
  • Save up to 30 temperature readings
  • Night mode silences the beeping sound
  • Large LCD display
  • Switch between Celsius or Farenheit
  • Over 1-year battery life (AA batteries)