Motorola MBP44A 4.3" Video Baby Monitor

Enjoy a crystal clear view of your little one with the Motorola MBP44A 4.3" video baby monitor. 


See what's going on in the nursery using the 4.3" color screen and take it with you around the house with up to 1,000ft range. The MBP44A monitor's infrared night vision technology gives you a bright view of the room even at night. Get a detailed view of your bundle of joy with the digital zoom feature that gives you a clear, close-up view. Has your baby started crying and getting cranky? Calm your little one down with the sound of your voice, using the two-way talk feature. The MBP44A is fitted with a high-sensitivity microphone that captures every sound in the room, so you can hear the slightest sounds and know when your baby needs you. Monitor the room's temperature to ensure the nursery is comfortable for your little one. Create a calm and relaxing environment in your little one's room. Select from 5 pre-loaded nature sounds that you can play, helping your baby fall asleep much faster. Access free features through the Hubble Connected for Motorola Monitors App such as the Baby Tracker and Sleep & Parenting Tips. The Baby Tracker allows you to track your child's growth and development, such as height and weight, sleep durations, feeding, diaper changes and much more. The Sleep & Parenting Tips provide helpful articles and videos, specific to your baby's age, from leading baby sites.

4.3" Diagonal Color Screen

Watch real-time video of your baby's room on the 4.3" diagonal color screen and never miss a moment.

Digital Zoom

Digitally zoom the camera to get an up close view and ensure that you always have the perfect view of your child.

Two-Way Communication

With the two-way communication feature you can hear your little one clearly then soothe them with your voice from another room.

Room Temperature Display

Know whether your child's room is too hot or too cold with the convenient room temperature display.

Infrared Night Vision

Infrared LED lights on the cameras allow you to see your little one clearly day or night.

Lullabies & Soothing Sounds

Calm your baby with an assortment of preloaded natural sounds to soothe them to sleep.



  • MANUFACTURER:  Motorola
  • BRAND: Motorola
  • UPC: 816479019258
  • STANDARD FEATURES: HD video, Night vision, Temperature sensor, Two-way communication
  • EXPANDABLE: Connect up to 4-cameras