Motorola Stream True Wireless Stereo Earbuds with Charger Case (Black)

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These stereo earbuds are truly wireless – with no wire connecting the two buds – giving you freedom to move and keeping you untangled at all times.

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Permanently untangled

Motorola Stream Earbuds can go wherever you go with water and dust resistance, and the included case doubles as a portable charger for the earbuds, giving you up to 6 hours of playtime on the go. Plus, with Siri and Google Now compatibility and a built-in mic, Stream has the features you need to get you through your day. Motorola Stream True Wireless Stereo Earbuds with Charging Case. Permanently untangled.


Wireless Freedom.

Nothing should get in the way of the music you love. Including wires. Stream earbuds are truly wireless, cutting the cord between your buds to give you total freedom to move.

Don't worry about water.

Motorola Stream features IP54 water and dust resistance, so you can use these earbuds with confidence in the rain, at the gym, or on the course. 

Charge up on the go.

The included case does more than just store your earbuds – it also charges them, giving you an additional 4 hours of playtime on top of the 2 hours held by the earbuds.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they are water and dust resistance (IP54) and that means you can safely take these earbuds just about anywhere on your daily commute.

Up to 6 hours playtime with charge case and 2 hours playtime on a single charge.

You can use them between the following temperatures: : 0°C to 45°C.

You can connect your Stream to all kinds of devices, from smartphones to laptops to tablets – if it has Bluetooth capabilities, you can connect your Stream to it.

Yes, just turn on Mono Mode, and you’ll be able to use the left ear bud on its own. Though without both earbuds and their dual integrated mics to provide superior sound, neither you nor your call will sound quite as good.

Volume is controlled from your earbuds - to adjust the volume just press the Volume + or Volume - buttons on the earbuds.