Nursery Fam Cam

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Introducing the Nursery Fam Cam – a smart FHD WiFi monitor(for the price of a WiFi-free monitor!)

Enjoy unbelievable value with features like:

-         Full HD Video streaming for high-resolution and cutting-edge picture quality

-         Infrared Night Vision for clear visuals, even in low light conditions

-         Two Way Talk to soothe your baby, even from afar


Access Smart Insights and tools on the FREE HubbleClub app :

All WiFi products in the smart monitors range also work with the HubbleClub. Alongside providing live video streaming on-the-go, the app also offers a suite of both free and premium features to give parents ultimate peace of mind.

Get access to:

-         *24/7 Live Video & Audio Monitoring

-         Snapshots During Live Feed

-         Smart Scheduling of Alerts

-         Smart Alerts Based on Your Location

-         Motion Activated Video Recordings

-         Video Recording During Live Feed

-         BabyZone

-         Two-Way Talk

-         Baby Growth & Development Tracker

-         Parenting Tips & Videos

-         Lifetime Access to Hubble Parenting Community

-         Alexa Integration

Do more with less – only with Hubble FamCam.