Nursery Pal Glow+

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Nursery Pal Glow+ is the perfect tool for keeping an eye on your little one. The 1080p Full HD baby monitor can be accessed from the complimentary parent unit or via your smart device using the HubbleClub App. Effortlessly adjust your view with remote pan, tilt, and zoom, or soothe your sweet baby with the sound of your voice using Two-Way Talk. Help instill strong resting and waking habits using the preinstalled 7-Color Night Light and Sleep Trainer. Access and personalize even more using the HubbleClub app. Download for free and instantly access features like HubbleClub Community and the Baby Growth Tracker. Log feeding figures, pumping rates, and more using the Routine Management feature.

Nursery Pal Glow+. More Than Just a Baby Monitor.

The Nursery Pal Glow+ has been awarded a Which? Best Buy Award