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Security Overview

1.0 – Security Overview

Hubble Connected knows the importance of the data it protects. Our team and systems work together to apply industry best practices crafted to reduce risk and exposure. From the world-class data centers to the chosen protocols and standards the entire solution is focused on maximizing the safety and integrity of your data. Because much of the activity happens over public networks such as the Internet, the importance of these measures form a commitment from us to you. Specific security measures are outlined in this overview. New security features are tested and deployed as new technologies become available. In general the benefits of this additional security will be immediate and will not require additional effort from end users. The Terms of Service are located at and this governs the use of the Hubble Connect services at all times.

2.0 – Privacy Policy

This Terms of Service applies to and classifies the collection of personally identifiable information (‘Personal Information’) that is collected from you when the Service is activated, such as name, physical address, email address, telephone number, credit card information. It also applies to and classifies the existence of unique materials (‘Personal Data’) created by your use of the Service and stored on our infrastructure as a part of the Service delivery. This would be video streams or content. Sections of this policy that discuss Personal Information are not discussing Personal Data unless it is explicitly named. A third classification of public data (‘Non-Personal Information’) will also be generated by the Service in customizing the user experience. The Privacy Policy is located at and all aspects of the Service are restricted by that policy. In the event of a disagreement with this Privacy Policy it is that policy that will be in force.

3.0 – Access to Personal Information and Personal Data

Personal Information is generated by a subscriber interacting with the Service. These details are unique to a given user and the security of these records is paramount. The web services that collect and protect this data are accessed through Secure Sockets layer (SSL) 3.0 at a minimum strength of 128-bit. This is bank-level security suitable for the task of encrypting digital transactions. Through the secure connection the service requires authentication to the web service. Only after the connection is established with the proper credentials can any access to Personal Information or Personal Data occur. Hubble Connect cameras are marked at manufacturing with a unique ID that is recognized by the service. A camera must be added to an active account before it can be utilized to record data to the account. Once bonded the account credentials recognize and enforce restricted communication with the camera.

4.0 – Updates

The hardware part of the Hubble Service is the camera and to keep it running well, introduce new features and to patch security vulnerabilities it is necessary to apply ‘firmware’ from time to time. This firmware updates the operating code that runs the device and it is critical that it be kept up to date to maintain the highest standard of security possible. Firmware versions are released automatically but they are left to the End User to install to ensure the process is controlled and transparent. It is the responsibility of the End User to complete the updates in a timely manner. Software updates are released regularly for any application to support enhancing security. Generally the applications will ask to deploy an update as part of their normal update processes.

5.0 – Servers

Servers that support the Hubble Service use advanced technologies to provide fail-over redundancy for all parts of the service. This ensures that the failure of any particular component will not produce much of an interruption. This does not mean that the software will never fail, but all efforts are made to reduce and smooth over problems in the shortest possible time. Servers are kept fully patched and hardened against attack from third parties who seek to gain unauthorized access. Servers are located in TIER III data centers that employ fully redundant power and Internet connections, 24/7 security with a security guard who challenges entry and restricted access to the physical components. All data centers are certified ISO 27001 compliant and PCI DSS Level 1 compliant. Data stored on the Hubble Service is encrypted with 256 bit AES encryption keys so the physical theft of hard drives will not result in Personal Data falling into the wrong hands.

6.0 – Live Communication

Some parts of the Hubble Service allow live voice communication and this stream is not monitored or accessible in any way. This data is live and it is not recorded or saved on any part of the system. The same is true of SMS systems or chat features on the Website.

7.0 – Network Monitoring

All logons and authentications with the Hubble Service are logged with information about the endpoint. This information is used to detect unusual patterns that might suggest a security breach such as logons from a different country. This information may result in a follow up from the support desk for your protection. All network communications with the Hubble Service are monitored by advanced IPS/IDS systems to watch for illegal activity. These activities safeguard the End User by detecting non-standard use of the service.