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The Best Baby Gear For Parents That Love Tech

The best technology makes life more comfortable, and that's especially true when it comes to parenting. Today's market is full of useful products that make it simpler for you to keep your child safe and healthy--freeing up time and energy for you to have more meaningful time with your baby. 

This post covers some of the top categories of baby tech, from prenatal care onward, including high-tech smart baby monitors, humidifiers and air purifiers for the nursery, baby scales, baby thermometers, and more. Whether you're a first-time parent or welcoming a new little one to the family, these products will help. 

Motorola Halo+ over-the-crib Full HD Wi-Fi baby monitor & soother

When they're shopping for a crib and accessories, every new parent thinks of these essential items: a monitor to check in on their baby's sleep quickly, and soothers--from mobiles to music--that help their little one fall asleep faster.

The Motorola Halo+ combines a monitor and soother in one, with added features included. Its monitor is equipped with a full HD camera that attaches easily to the bed and provides an accurate, clear image of your baby. The camera is detachable, doubling as a monitor when your baby is playing or napping outside of the crib. You can take photos and videos of your baby and share them with family and friends directly from the device. 

More than a classic soother, the Motorola Halo+ allows for multiple options that will help your baby sleep better. These include a light display on the ceiling, preloaded lullabies, and soothing noises, as well as the capability for you to record your own personalized messages (including bedtime stories and more). 

Motorola 3-in-1 Baby Air Purifier

As a parent, you're always looking for new ways to help ensure your baby's health at a critical time in their development. Air purifiers and humidifiers can help by keeping the air in your baby's bedroom clean, calm, and comfortable. 

Motorola's 3-in-1 Baby Air Purifier takes air purification to the next level by employing a 3-stage filtration system using new state-of-the-art technology. The pre-filter, HEPA filter, and high-efficiency carbon filter work together to cleanse the air from particles that could make your baby sick or give them allergies. It's useful for removing 99.97% of airborne contaminants, including pet dander, smoke, odors, dust, and mold. Unlike most air purifiers, the Motorola 3-in-1 is quiet and unobtrusive; it won't keep your baby up with loud whirring noises.

This air purifier doubles as a nighttime soothing device. It has Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to connect your phone, play music, or an audiobook bedtime story on an advanced speaker. Five different colored night light options entertain your baby and make your life easier when you come in at night--no more flipping on suddenly bright overhead lights when you have to feed or change your baby.

Motorola CARE Non-contact Forehead, Liquid & Food Baby Thermometer

Every parent knows the importance of providing their baby with comfort and care when they're sick. The Motorola Care non-contact thermometer helps parents do just that. It offers accurate body temperature readings from up to an inch away from the forehead. The results appear quickly--in less than a second. With a color-coding system that lights up red in the event of a fever, this thermometer makes it instantly clear when your baby is running a temperature. 

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Non-contact thermometers are handy because they allow you to test for fevers without waking up or disturbing your baby (or children of all ages). They're also highly sanitary and eliminate the need for lengthy cleaning and sterilization processes, making it easier to simultaneously test multiple people.

The Motorola Care doubles as a liquid thermometer--you can use it to test the temperature of bathwater or milk. Quick, accurate readings will allow you to make sure your formula or bath water has the perfect temperature for your baby.

Motorola Weigh Me Baby Scale & Pad

Tracking your baby's weight is an essential part of monitoring their overall development. Most parents know how tricky it can be to weigh your baby on a regular bathroom scale meant for adults! The Motorola Baby Scale and Changing Pad is a new, high-tech product that makes this process easier. It lies horizontally, allowing you to weigh your baby while keeping them comfortable. The sensitive scale enables speedy, precise recordings of your baby's weight and allows you to set different units.

The Motorola Weigh Me scale also functions as a changing pad. Instead of reminding yourself to weigh your baby regularly, you can use the cozy, soft changing pad to check your baby's weight while changing their diaper.

Motorola 5-in-1 Baby Humidifier

An excellent humidifier is just as necessary as an air purifier. Humidifiers work to keep the air in your baby's bedroom clean, safe, and comfortable. Motorola's 3-in-1 focuses on creating a nursery ambiance. It includes an aroma diffuser, which you can fill with theessential oil of your choice. A built-in night light projects soft color--there are seven different choices--that soften the appearance of your baby's room for nighttime and act as a muted, gentle light for the moments when you come into the room at night.

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Other features on the Motorola model include a digital clock and a Bluetooth speaker, which allows you to play music, lullabies, bedtime stories, or voice recordings of your own. Its tank has the capacity for 6-8 hours of mist, making it easy to set and leave for most of the night. This humidifier is also space-efficient: it has a smaller design than most others so that it won't take up a lot of space on the shelf.

Motorola Comfort85CONNECT

Baby monitors have had some of the best tech developments in recent years. The Motorola Comfor85Connect updates the classic baby monitor with new, cutting-edge tech that allows you to monitor your baby from anywhere easily. Key features include a full-room and close-up view and panoramic, tilt, and zoom capabilities that leave you in control of the image.

Videos and images of your baby are accessible from any smartphone or tablet in HD display. On the monitor itself, a 5" display allows for accurate, clear image quality. The Hubble Connected app makes it easy to safely and securely access recordings, as well as download lullabies, soothing sounds, audiobooks, and voice recordings. You can send recordings from your phone to family members and friends or save them for a digital baby book with unique audiovisual memories. After all

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Parents appreciate the two-way talk feature: you can speak to your baby from a different room or communicate with your partner when they're in the nursery. The monitor is integrated with smart data--from sleep diaries to growth and development logs--so you can use it as a tech hub for any needs related to your baby's care.

Motorola Comfort Cloud Deluxe

Smart loungers can be great tech choices for parents with newborns. They help ease the nerves of bringing your baby home from the hospital for the first time. New parents who want to keep an eye on their baby’s vitals--such as breathing and heart rate--can take advantage of new tech to do so. 

The Motorola Comfort Cloud Deluxe is a solid choice that combines health data with a baby camera. You don't need straps or wires to monitor your baby's heartbeat and breathing; they sit in the lounger while a smart sensor strip records data. A machine-washable cover also comes available.

The lounger sends data to the Hubble Connected app, which you can use on your smartphone or your tablet to see your baby's average heart and breathing rates and other activity stats, including a monthly report. Smart loungers like this are critical when you want to balance your baby's comfort with the need to monitor their health.

Roo Prenatal Heartbeat Monitor

When you're considering baby tech, don't forget about the prenatal market. There have been considerable advances in prenatal technology and care recently. Heartbeat monitors can help by taking quick, accurate measurements in the months and weeks leading up to your pregnancy.

The Roo is a portable prenatal listening system that allows you to listen to your baby's heartbeat, starting at 20 weeks into your pregnancy. The monitor is easy to use, non-invasive and doesn't require gel, making tracking your baby's heartbeat simple. In addition to listening, you can save recordings of your baby's heartbeat (and kicks!) and share them directly with family and friends for a sweet, meaningful message.

Like other Hubble Connected products, the Roo integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which you can use to create recordings. The Hubble for Motorola Monitors app will allow you to track your pregnancy--from heartbeats and kicks to water consumption and the size of your baby bump. The app also provides personalized prenatal advice based on your input. You can continue to use it after giving birth by integrating the Hubble Connected app with your baby monitors and other tech products.

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