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Motorola Boom 3 In-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Enjoy crystal clear calls and music with the Motorola Boom 3. Get GPS directions, stream live music and take calls on the go - with up to 9 hours of...

Motorola HK375 In-Ear Bluetooth Headset

Enjoy premium quality audio during calls, while streaming podcasts or even when getting GPS directions with the Motorola HK375 Bluetooth Headset.

Motorola H730

Going hands-free with the Motorola H730 is the easiest decision you’ll make. This Bluetooth headset features a RapidConnect™ flip boom design, so you can easily answer and hang up calls....

Motorola HK105 Bluetooth Headset

Going hands-free with the Motorola HK105 is the easiest decision you’ll make.    Download Quick Start Guide

Motorola H725 Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Simple and easy to use, the Motorola H725 Bluetooth Wireless Headset will enhance your mobile game. Download Quick Start Guide

Motorola Boom2+ Water Resistant & Durable Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Water Resistant & Durable Wireless Headset. Download User Guide

Motorola Boom2 Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Motorola Boom2 Bluetooth Wireless Headset. Work, play, answer calls and listen to music(4) with a headset that is compatible with nearly all Bluetooth-enabled devices. Download User Guide

Motorola HK275 Bluetooth Headset

Get the headset that ups your mobile game.    Download Quick Start Guide

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Free yourself from tangled wires that are both cumbersome and limiting. Motorola headsets provide safe and reliable hands-free communication that is as easy to use as it is to set up. Stay connected at home or on the go with a headset that is guaranteed to keep up with your busy and hectic lifestyle. Whether for work or play, these headsets will ensure you’re just a quick dial away from those that need you.

Durable and Long-Lasting

We aren’t always gentle with our electronics. Our hectic lives often have us tossing them on countertops, shoving them in purses or backpacks, or stuffing them into drawers when not in use. They get dropped, bumped against and dropped. You need a Bluetooth headset strong enough to handle day to day wear, and Motorola has just the ticket. Their Bluetooth headsets are made from highly durable materials and engineered to outlast and outpace the competition.


Motorola offers a line of highly affordable Bluetooth headsets perfect for any budget. From their H730 to the Motorola Boom2 and Motorola Boom2+ models, there is something for everyone.

High-quality Audio

Listen to music, podcasts or answer calls with industry-leading audio quality that is crystal clear and free from static and interference.


These Bluetooth-enabled devices are compatible with any smart device that supports Bluetooth. This means you can enjoy their use with your smartphone, tablet or other devices, as well as utilize the headset with Hubble’s mobile App. Keep connected and get the notifications you need when you need them, wireless and reliably with a Bluetooth headset. If you're looking traditional wired headphones, check out our collection of them here.

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