You would definitely understand what it feels like to be in the dark about how your baby is faring at any point in time whenever you’re in a different room. 

Mothers and fathers, especially new parents, have this urge to not want to leave the room where their baby is — you want to be certain that your baby is safe and then you are notified somehow whenever your attention is needed. Enter baby monitors.   

Baby monitors give you the sense of being with your baby even when you’re in a different location entirely. The fact that you can hear whatever sounds that your baby is making can be very reassuring and is one of the reasons that lots of parents acquire baby monitors. 

Now, when buying a baby monitor, it is essential that you go for one that is of top-notch quality, design and has amazing features. 

You might want a baby monitor that connects to phone given that you would always carry your phone around or even a baby monitor with remote viewing. 

For the sake of this piece, we would be looking closely at decent monitors that are equipped with WiFi capabilities. 

Baby Monitors With WiFi Capabilities


1. Motorola Halo+ over-the-crib Full HD Wi-Fi baby monitor & soother

The Motorola Halo+ would definitely make the cut for best wifi baby monitor. It offers you a very unique overhead design that allows you to have an unparalleled birds-eye view of your baby. This unrestricted view of the crib is made possible by the specially designed crib mount. 

In addition, it comes with various features that are intended to ensure that your baby is soothed to sleep very quickly and easily. 

This model offers a wide selection of bedtime stories, lullabies, as well as soothing sounds all, included to help your baby get quality sleep. 

With the integrated light projection, you can light up the ceiling of your baby’s nursery and choose from 7 calming colors available when choosing a night light. The changing colors provide an ambiance in the nursery. 

Using the sleep insights function, you can monitor your baby’s sleeping pattern. This function detects motions that your baby makes while in the crib and the data is captured, logged, and presented in the form of a graph to easily show your baby’s activity levels during the night.

The camera is detachable and therefore presents you with the option of monitoring your baby from the above-crib or moving it to a different area such as the living room or the dining room while keeping it connected to a power source. 

The over-the-crib mount is high quality and designed with the aim of ensuring security and stability and the cable management tube ensures that your baby doesn’t come in direct contact with the cords. 

On the go, you can watch your baby in real-time using a smartphone or tablet via the Hubble for Motorola Monitors app. 

At home, the 4.3" screen on the portable parent display unit is at your disposal. You can also control the Halo+ through the display unit and the app without necessarily having to go into the nursery. 

The two-way talk feature is there to make sure that your baby can hear your voice even when you’re physically absent. If you’re hearing any fussing, a simple press of a button is all that is required for them to hear your reassuring and calming voice. 

2. Motorola MBP844CONNECT 5" Video Baby Monitor with Wi-Fi

The Motorola MBP844CONNECT gifts you the invaluable opportunity to keep an eye on your baby via the 5.0” diagonal color screen in-home monitor. This ergonomic unit guarantees that you don’t miss a single moment.  

In addition, you can use your compatible tablet, smartphone or computer to keep an eye on your baby. From anywhere in the world, you can know exactly how your baby is faring and in real-time as well. This model is a wifi baby monitor that connects to phone. 

All you’ve got to do is download the Hubble Connected app and voila, you can view your camera in up to 720p HD. You can take image snapshots as well as manually record videos. 

In addition, you can receive various notifications including motion, sound, and temperature conditions directly to your compatible viewing device via the Hubble app. 

This way, you can tell whether your baby’s room is too hot or too cold via the room temperature display that can be accessed very conveniently. 

This WiFi video baby monitor comes with a two-way communication feature and a mind losing 1000ft range so that you can hear your child very clearly and soothe them with your voice even if you’re in an entirely different room. 

Talk about the night not impeding your view of your baby. This WiFi camera for baby room is accompanied by Infrared LED lights that equip it with infrared night vision so that you can see your baby very clearly notwithstanding the darkness. 

The digital zoom feature allows you to get a clear view of your child, permitting you to zoom the image on your screen up to 2x.  

Essentially, it comes with Wi-Fi® Wireless Connectivity for remote viewing. For local viewing, it comes with Wireless 2.4 GHz FHSS Technology. 

Other standard features include Out-of-Range and Low Battery Alerts, LED Sound Level Indicator, High Sensitivity Microphone, as well as up to 5 lullabies. 

The Motorola MBP844CONNECT is Hubble enabled and is expandable up to 4 cameras, although this model is sold separately. 

3. Motorola LUX64CONNECT 4.3" Full HD Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor

Just like its other counterpart, the Motorola Lux64CONNECT is an amazing option for giving your nursery a sleek and sophisticated look while being highly functional. This baby monitor with screen and WiFi is one of the best on the market. 

Thanks to the large 4.3” display, you can get a crystal clear view of your baby in their crib. On the go, all you have to do is download the Hubble app on your smartphone, tablet, or PC, and enable it to be your viewing device. 

This model allows you to stream live video in Full HD (1080p). The digital pan and tilt functionality allows you to oversee the entire room and if you're gunning for a closer look, the digital zoom feature is at your disposal. 

The two-way talk feature that has an impressive range of about 1000ft allows you to hear your baby’s sounds very clearly and soothe them with loving sounds, lullabies, or even an audiobook.

You can prerecord lullabies in your voice and then play it for your little one when you’re on the go thanks to the Hubble app

The convenient room temperature display is a very convenient way to keep an eye on the temperature in your baby’s room — you can always tell when it is getting too hot or getting too cold. 

It also comes with a magnetic mount that allows you to attach the camera to varying locations in order to get the best angle of the crib. You can easily attach the camera to brackets, shelves, and other compatible surfaces. 

For local viewing, the Motorola Lux64CONNECT offers wireless technology 2.4 GHz FHSS and Wi-Fi for remote viewing. It also comes with the feature for adjusting the volume as well as infrared night vision for seeing your baby clearly at night.  

How To Select The Best Wifi Camera For Baby Room

Here are some factors that should influence your purchase decision when looking to buy the best baby monitor wifi camera:

1. Your Budget

The first rule to selecting any product or making any purchase is to take a look at your purchase and determine exactly how much you are willing to part with. 

It is no different in the case of searching for the best baby monitor with camera and app. When you know exactly how much you are willing to part with, you can determine products that would fall into that range. 

Once you’ve done that, you can then select the best.  

2. Features 

This is just about the most important factor to consider when it comes to selecting a baby monitor with screen and app. What features does it come with? 

Some great features to look out for include WiFi for remote viewing, top-notch design, as well as image and video quality. 

You really shouldn’t settle for less when it comes to ensuring that you can attend to your baby’s welfare at any time. 

3. Size 

You clearly want a monitor that is portable but at the same time large enough for you to view your baby clearly. 

You may be moving around the house quite a bit and you wouldn’t want one whose size would constitute a nuisance. 

In addition, you would want a baby monitor with great resolution. 

The Bottomline 

For most parents, a short separation from their newborn babies can cause them to freak out. This is why baby monitors are pretty essential. 

You can keep an eye on your baby and your mind would pretty much be at ease.