Enrolling Your Baby in a Nursery and School (Kids With Special Needs)

June 11, 2021 3 min read

Enrolling Your Baby in a Nursery and School (Kids With Special Needs)

Most parents do not realize that their little ones have learning-related problems until they enroll in nurseries and schools. Many kids suffer from learning-related issues like dyslexia or reading difficulties. 

In such cases, the child needs to be a part of a special education program. Before enrolling the child in a school for children with behavioral or learning impairments, it is essential to determine if a child has a learning-related problem. Here are the steps you can follow to ascertain special learning needs in kids and enroll them in an appropriate school.


  1. Identifying the need for special education is crucial. Under the Disabilities Education Act, 2005, all public schools need to have students assessed for learning-related disorders and disabilities. It is called theChild Find Program. Once a child is proven to have special learning needs, he/she is eligible for special education assistance from the school and the state. 
  2. Once the parents or the school identifies that the child needs to be evaluated, a formal evaluation is carried out by a psychologist/counselor to determine if they need special learning assistance. It is also determined if the child requires any further assessment. If the parents are not satisfied with the report or diagnosis, they can ask for an IEE orIndependent Educational Evaluation.
  3. If the evaluation proves that the child has learning-related disabilities, he/she is enrolled in the special education program. In the IEP meeting, you must agree that your child requires special assistance, and the child starts to receive care immediately on IEP finalization. Remember, if you disagree with the evaluation, you can discuss it with other educators or have a mediator come in.
  4. The IEP becomes the basis for educating kids. It becomes the base for teachers and specialists to make an exclusive child plan. They note the child's progress and document all changes or updates with periodic progress reports shared with parents, just like grade reports.
  5. The IEP is reviewed annually. It is important to remember that the Individualized Education Program (IEP) can be modified at the parents’ request. Parents need to be part of the program to seek alterations and participate wholly to be part of revisions and modifications. Parents should be able to express their disagreements and views openly.

The IEP plan is reviewed every three years. It is an important step to understand if the child still needs to be part of the special needs program and requires more intensive assistance.

The types of schools that parents can choose from are:-


  • Public schools - These schools offer free education and optimal support. Also, public schools are accessible, and there are multiple in-school and after-school activities.
  • Charter and Magnet schools - They receive public funding and are, therefore, free. Since these schools are smaller than public schools, the programs offer more hands-on training and personalized educational programs based on a child's strengths.
  • Special Needs School- Generally, these schools are expensive but are the best option when the public schools in your district cannot offer free education. The programs here are more aligned with the needs of the child and his/her unique requirements.

Visit hubbleconnected.com to know about the unique and special requirements of your kid with special needs. It will help you enroll your baby in a nursery or school suitable for his overall development. This can help your kid with special abilities stand a better chance and adjust well in the society. Give your kid a chance to live a fulfilling life with necessary emotional support from the best quarters. 

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