How to Survive Your Pregnancy While Staying Healthy Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually

June 21, 2021 3 min read

How to Survive Your Pregnancy While Staying Healthy Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually

Are you concerned about whether you will be able to survive pregnancy or not? Well, don't worry! Pregnancy can be a memorable experience as you welcome a new soul into the world.

While you go through the roller-coaster ride of pregnancy, it's super important to stay healthy mentally, physically, and spiritually. Let's see how you can handle each of these aspects.

Staying mentally healthy

Pregnancy brings many emotions and feelings along with it, and all of them might not be pleasant. Mood swings are the new normal you experience once you are pregnant. If there are prolonged phases of nervousness or stress, you might be in the early stages of anxiety or depression, both common in pregnant women.

A mother's poor mental health can also harm the child, so it becomes necessary to address these signs or symptoms as early as possible. It will help if you talk to your doctor about your mental health and the various treatment options available to counter your problems.

Your doctor might put you on some medication that could alleviate the symptoms. Alternatively, they can refer you for behavior-based training or specialist consultations. Sleeping well is also crucial to keep you sane. You can adopt new lifestyle habits and practice stress-relieving activities, such as yoga and meditation.

Meditation has a tranquilizing effect on your mind and significantly reduces stress and anxiety. Prenatal yoga is also beneficial for your baby. You have the option to join online classes.

Staying physically healthy

With every muscle of your body aching, you will not feel like moving. Pregnancy affects every organ in your body and can often lead to complications if left unaddressed. It is crucial to stay active and maintain physical fitness to sail through your pregnancy.

You may follow most or all of the following practices to stay fit:

  • Keep yourself hydrated always.
  • Take vitamin D, folic acid, iron, and calcium supplements for your baby's growth and maintain your nutrient levels.
  • Avoid junk and processed food. Instead, go for a balanced diet and reduce sugar intake.
  • Make exercise a part of your routine. Stretching, walking, and light exercises will help; you don't have to over-exert.
  • Move carefully to avoid jerks or potential falls.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Take breaks from work and rest to give your muscles some time to relax.

Also, you should proactively discuss your health status with your obs/gyne to see if they have any additional advice to offer, depending on your health conditions.

Staying spiritually healthy

Recently, researchers have started to believe that spirituality plays a significant role in maintaining mental equilibrium and helps you stay away from any negativity that could arise amidst a sea of emotions. It has also been linked to better pregnancy outcomes.

From a spiritual perspective, your baby listens to everything after a few weeks of life while still in your belly. Thus, it becomes even more important to stay spiritually healthy. It would help if you practiced meditation and breathing exercises to bring you closer to your inner self and control your emotions and reactions to adverse situations.

Spiritual health works at multiple levels, calming you, relieving stress, and creating a positive outlook towards life to benefit your baby. Our recommendation is to experience this fantastic self-realization practice.

Final words

Small lifestyle changes can help make a big difference in ensuring a healthy and complication-free pregnancy. You should discuss the various aspects of using supplements or nutrients during pregnancy with your gynecologist or nutritionist. Also, we recommend you to follow our blog for more articles on pregnancy, women's health, and wellness.

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