Hubble Connected Focuses on the Importance of Safe Sleep With New Award-Winning Smart Baby Movement Monitor Products

February 16, 2023 3 min read

Hubble Connected Focuses on the Importance of Safe Sleep With New Award-Winning Smart Baby Movement Monitor Products

At CES, Hubble Connected, the world leader in emotional tech and creators of the “connected nursery,” demonstrated its leadership in the “smart baby movement monitor” category by showcasing its impressive range of movement monitors. The products focus on helping parents establish healthy, long-lasting sleep routines, as well as providing a way for them to monitor their baby safely and securely from anywhere.

Hubble Connected Guardian Plus Baby Movement Tracker for Heart Rate and Breathing

Helping Establish Healthy, Long-Lasting Sleep Routines
Hubble Connected’s new baby movement monitors provide parents with valuable, real-time information and insights for understanding their baby’s sleeping patterns, including the overall quality of their little one’s sleep. Parents have access to data about their baby’s breathing and heart rate, as well as room temperature and body temperature, even how much they move around – all factors which can significantly help with sleep training. Parents will also receive notifications to keep them informed.
Scientific studies have shown that good sleep routines have positive effects on a baby’s development all the way through adolescence and adulthood. By helping parents better understand their child’s sleep patterns, Hubble Connected’s range of movement monitors mean greater peace of mind and less worry for parents as their child develops. Once a baby turns four months old, the smart monitors can assist with sleep training and create optimum sleep schedules, eliminating the need to purchase additional equipment, while utilizing the same interface and app that parents are already familiar with.

Introducing Hubble Connected’s State of the Art Smart Movement Monitors
Hubble Connected will debut its award-winning Guardian Family of Wearable Baby Movement Monitors, and its non-wearable Dream+ Movement Monitor.
The Hubble Connected Guardian family are the ultimate custodians of a baby’s well-being. The Guardian+($149) comes with a soft wearable strap with a sensor and a base station. The sensor wraps comfortably around the baby's ankle and helps parents track sleep status and sleep quality indicators such as heart rate and oxygen levels. The wearable unit communicates to the HubbleClub app, where baby’s sleep information can be viewed. The base unit also serves as a charging station, audio monitor and smart soother. It also includes a nightlight and speaker that streams hundreds of sleep sounds to create bedtime and rise to wake routines. The Guardian Cam ($199) features everything in Guardian+, as well as a high-definition smart camera with night light, and the Guardian Pro ($299) includes a movement monitor, base station, smart HD camera and handheld parent unit – the first full package in this category.

Hubble Connected Guardian Pro Baby Movement Monitor for Heart Rate and Breathing

The Hubble Dream+ Movement Monitor
The Hubble Connected Dream+ Movement Monitor ($299) is a unique non-wearable wireless sleep monitoring mat system that lets parents keep a close eye on their little one anytime, anywhere. The comfortable and ultramodern baby sensor gives parents insights about a baby’s sleep, such as breathing and heart rate, making it easier than ever to stay connected and informed. When paired with the HubbleClub app, parents can also access the baby’s daily sleep patterns and promote healthy sleep habits, essential for proper growth and development. The Dream+ camera unit also features a night light, preloaded lullabies, soothing sounds, and bedtime stories, as well as a room temperature sensor and full HD live streaming via any the HubbleClub app.

These two product families give parents a wearable or non-wearable option when tracking baby’s sleep patterns and habits, allowing them to make the best choice for their family. Both offer insights into baby’s sleep and movement patterns, which translates into a specific Hubble Connected sleep metric that helps parents better understand how well their baby is resting.

Hubble Connected Dream+ Baby Movement Monitor non-wearable for Heart Rate and Breathing

The HubbleClub App: New Parenting Possibilities in the Palm of Your Hand 
Like all Hubble Connected products, the company’s new smart baby movement monitors work seamlessly with the free HubbleClubapp (available on iOS and Android), offering a host of opportunities for parents to care for, entertain, educate, and stay connected to their child, all from the palm of their hand. With the app, parents have easy access to valuable insights into the baby’s sleep routines, growth, development, nutrition, and overall well-being.

Hubble Connected Founder & Chairman (and father of three), Dino Lalvani, noted: “One of the most exciting trends in infant care today is the new generation of smart baby movement monitors. With Hubble Connected’s range of products parents can find the best way to establish healthy, long-lasting sleep routines specific for their babies – routines that best suit their parenting style.”

About Hubble Connected
With a mission to empower parents to raise healthy and happy babies, Hubble Connected offers a full range of smart connected nursery products that aims to keep families connected and ensure child safety from birth to adolescence. Hubble Connected’s award-winning products have kept over 11 million babies’ safe and connected via its range of smart baby monitors and have generated over $1 billion in sales.

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