Hubble Connected Wins Mother & Baby GOLD Award for Best Baby Monitor Within One Year of Brand Launch

February 16, 2023 3 min read

Hubble Connected Wins Mother & Baby GOLD Award for Best Baby Monitor Within One Year of Brand Launch

Hubble Connected, leaders in emotional tech and creators of the “connected nursery,” are proud to announce that its best-selling Nursery Pal Cloud baby monitor won the coveted Best Baby Monitor Goldaward from Mother & Baby. The win is a testament to the state-of-the-art capabilities of the Nursery Pal Cloud, which comes equipped with an inbuilt sleep training feature, preloaded soothing sounds, and lullabies, in addition to a 5” HD monitor and a digital pan tilt and zoom camera. Like all Hubble Connected products, the Nursery Pal Cloud monitor works seamlessly with the free, easy-to-use HubbleClub app (available on iOS and Android) that provides parents full control of all Hubble Connected product from their smartphone.

The Nursery Pal Cloud: More Than Just a Monitor

Lauded for its ease of set-up and great image quality by the Mother & Baby team, the Nursery Pal Cloud also offers extended capabilities that go the extra mile. Parents can track baby’s room temperature conditions and stay connected with by using the two-way talk feature. The unit also come with a 7-colour nightlight and inbuilt sleep training system, where parents can pick from a range of different light colours and soothing sounds to create an atmosphere that fosters melatonin production and help their baby transition to restful sleep.

Like all Hubble Connected smart products, the Nursery Pal Cloud works with the HubbleClub app. This free app allows parents full control of all Hubble Connected devices, as well as offering many value-added resources to help make parenting easier. From their smartphone, parents can access tools and resources to track baby’s growth, sleep, nutrition and wellbeing, while staying connected through the free livestreaming option, all from the palm of their hands.

The Mother & Baby awards celebrate the best products, stores and brands, and laud excellence in innovation. The awards have been running for 25 years and are “the most rigorous awards in the industry.”

“Receiving the Mother & Baby Gold Award for our Nursery Pal Cloud monitor is an amazing feeling, and quite unexpected considering we launched the brand less than a year ago. We’re extremely grateful for the recognition and for every bit of support we received along the way,” Ravi Chambers, Business Development Director at Hubble Connected said as he acknowledged the win.


Explore the Rest of Hubble Connected’s Nursery Ecosystem

Hubble Connected’s nursery ecosystem includes products designed to support the parenting journey and grow with your family.  From the prenatal stage with Roo, our prenatal heartbeat monitor, to Hubble Grow, a scale that helps track baby’s growth and development, and everything in between, including monitors and smart soothers, our products grow with your family and provides safety, security and peace of mind.

Hubble Connected’s products are available across the UK at Argos, Boots, Currys, Freemans, John Lewis, JD Williams, Studio and Very.


About Hubble Connected
With a mission to empower parents to raise healthy and happy babies, Hubble Connected offers a full range of smart connected nursery products that aims to keep families connected and ensure child safety from birth to adolescence. Hubble Connected’s award-winning products have kept over 11 million babies’ safe and connected via its range of smart baby monitors and have generated over $1 billion in sales.


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