Picking a Name for Your Baby? Read This Before Deciding!

June 21, 2021 2 min read

Picking a Name for Your Baby? Read This Before Deciding!

Welcoming a baby is an ecstatic feeling, right? Once you welcome your little bundle of joy, the next delightful task is choosing a name. While the whole process is fun and exciting, choosing a name for your baby is a crucial decision you will make as a parent. 

The most challenging part of choosing your little one’s name is handling the eagerness of all your friends and family. Bear in mind, your baby’s name is something that he/she will carry for the rest of their life. So, it needs some careful thought, and you and your partner need to be convinced about its significance.

Here is a checklist of sorts for you to come up with the best name for your baby. 

5 tips for deciding on a name for your baby

  1. Something meaningful

Giving a deep, meaningful name for your little one is always the best choice. Follow the KISS principle -Keep It Simple & Sweet. A simple name can convey a profound message, giving it significance and depth.

  1. Sounds good

You need to be absolutely certain about the sound of the name. It should be calming and not too harsh or rude on the ears. The sound of the name should not seem odd when called out loud. Before you finalize a name, say it out loud to feel the sound of it. Ensure that it goes well with your last name and does not rhyme with it. 

  1. Avoid the trend

Getting on the trend wagon can always be tempting. But trends are temporary. They come and go. Do not give in to the temptation of selecting a trending name. Choose a name for your baby that will remain good for eons. You want your baby’s name to be unique. But avoid randomly mixing words to create a different name. 

  1. Adult name

Many times parents end up choosing cute names that may not necessarily suit an adult. The best name for your baby is the one that sounds good for a child as well as an adult. Keep calling out the name and analyze how the name would sound once your baby grows up. If it sounds pleasant, mature, and gentle, that’s the name for your baby.

  1. Family culture

You could also choose a name that resonates with your family traditions and culture. Naming your baby after a family figure can be beneficial for your little one. 

In Conclusion

Choosing a name for your little bundle of joy is an important milestone. This is a prized possession you will give your child. The name remains for life, and the personality resonates with the name. Research thoroughly and make use of these 5 tips to come up with the best name possible. Remember, as parents, go with your heart eventually, as that will allow you to think of a suitable name for your baby.

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