Relying Entirely On Home Ovulation Tests? Here's Why You Should See Your Doctor First

June 16, 2021 3 min read

Relying Entirely On Home Ovulation Tests? Here's Why You Should See Your Doctor First

Home ovulation tests are a great way to find out the right time in your menstrual cycle where your chances of getting pregnant are high. These tests can be quickly done at home and are available at almost all drugstores. However, before you get to that, it is essential to visit your gynecologist. Here's why you should get a consultation before getting pregnant or even using the home ovulation kits.

Screening Tests Before Pregnancy

You must undergo a health screening to find out about the conditions that can impact the health of the mother and the baby. Even a healthy pregnant woman can carry infections and diseases without any symptoms. So it is highly recommended that you undergo apre-pregnancy checkup. It helps in taking preventive steps, thereby saving any significant repercussions for you and your baby.

Stress on Prenatal Vitamins

Many women, even those who are healthy, often suffer from at least one nutrient deficiency. Visiting a doctor, running checks, fixing it before undergoing ovulation tests, and getting pregnant will help provide the needed nourishment to the body for conception. Experts recommend that women be onprenatal vitamins, including folic acid, at least three months in advance. That ensures there are no developmental problems in the brain and spine of the fetus, which happens in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

Review of Medications

Many women take over-the-counter supplements and other medications, whichcan impact the baby's health and its mother. There are certain medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, anti-anxiety, anti-depression, etc., which are unsafe for consumption during pregnancy. It can lead to miscarriage, low birth weight, and even premature delivery. Your gyno will review these medications if you are taking them and advise you on alternatives.

Determine if You Have Any Medical Issues

A visit to your doctor before deciding to get pregnant saves you a lot of heartaches. Many women these days suffer from PCOS and other fertility issues that can delay pregnancy. Knowing these issues and fixing them in time increases your chances of having a baby quickly. The gyno will ask about your menstrual cycle, medical history, etc., perform a physical examination, and prescribe certain scans to determine the condition of the uterus. Based on the results, the medico can recommend procedures or medication, which helps conception.

Help You Make Proper Lifestyle Choices

Many lifestyle habits can affect pregnancy. Being obese, smoking, consuming alcohol in excess, not eating healthy, or even leading a sedentary lifestyle can delay conception. It can alsoincrease complications like prenatal diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Checking with your gyno can help as you get the right advice on lifestyle changes that can improve your chances of pregnancy.

Get Personalized Advice

Sure, the internet has answers for everything, but they are generic and can also make you feel overwhelmed. Remember, there are many myths and misconceptions around pregnancy that can be addressed by having an open conversation with your gyno or physician. Apart from that, your gyno can also help you understand ovulation and the use of ovulation kits at the right time.

Though ovulation kits help, get your gynecologist’s advice once you decide on starting a family. If you want more helpful pre-pregnancy tips, you can check out similar articles here atHubble.

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