Second Trimester 101: Things You Should Expect

June 15, 2021 3 min read

Second Trimester 101: Things You Should Expect

With the second trimester, the honeymoon period of your pregnancy begins. When you look back upon your pregnancy, this is the time you will cherish the most. The second trimester lasts from week 13 to 28, or the 4th to the 6th months. Your baby will begin to move around during this period, and you will be able to feel them. 

This article will tell you all about what you can expect in the second trimester of your pregnancy.

Baby bump

The morning sickness and exhaustion you felt in the first trimester should begin to fade away. Your ‘baby bump’ will become noticeable, and you will begin to feel the baby’s movements. Your obstetrician will schedule an ultrasound between the 18th and the 22nd week to monitor your baby’s progress.

This is the time to start planning and making arrangements for your baby’s arrival. It’s the time in your pregnancy when your energy levels will be the highest. 

Pain in the lower abdomen

  • The expanding uterus puts pressure on the neighboring muscles and tendons, resulting in pain in the lower part of your abdomen and thighs. 
  • To get rid of the aches, you could run a warm bath, do a few relaxation exercises, or place a hot water bag on your lower tummy.


  • The additional weight you gained in the last few months begins to put pressure on your lower back. 
  • Sit upright with a cushion on the chair if needed to provide support to your back. 
  • Rollover on your side and put a pillow under the thighs.
  • Do not pick up or carry heavy bags.

Bleeding in the gums

  • Hormonal changes cause increased pumping of blood to the gums, turning them into severely sensitive regions. 
  • Expanded and tender gums result in bleeding.Don’t worry. Your gums will return to their earlier condition after your baby is delivered. 
  • Ensure proper dental hygiene and be careful with flossing. 

Braxton-Hicks contractions

  • Muscle contractions in the uterine walls might seem like signs of labor but are not. 
  • Sex, exercise, dehydration, a filled urinary bladder, or even a person touching the baby bump may cause Braxton-Hicks contractions.
  • Draw a lukewarm bath, sip some medicinal tea, and relax to feel better. 

Bigger breasts

  • Much of the tenderness in your breasts should be wearing off, but they will be growing faster as they try to reach the optimum condition to feed the baby.
  • Increasing the bra size using a good maternity bra will help you feel comfortable.

Nasal trouble

  • Change in hormone levels enlarges the mucus tissue of the nose, which causes a congested nose and snoring. 
  • This may also lead to nosebleeds. However, this will not stay.
  • Saline drops help clear the nose.


  • It’s perfectly normal to notice a runny white vaginal discharge. 
  • You can try on some panty liners that may make you feel cozier.

Growth of hair

  • The hormones related to pregnancy trigger hair growth.
  • You will see hair growth in unexpected areas such as your face, back, and hands.
  • Shaving off or epilating is the best way to get rid of such hair.

Muscle cramps

  • You might notice that the muscles of your legs are contracting and cramping in this trimester. This usually takes place at night. The reason for this is not so clear.
  • It is advised to perform a few leg stretching exercises before going to bed.
  • Your diet should include a high content of magnesium as in beans or other green leafy vegetables.
  • Consume a lot of water and take the recommended amount of calcium.
  • Ice or heat compressions will help ease the pain.


  • In this stage, you can notice the first movements of your baby in your tummy, named quickening. 

Urinary tract trouble

  • Bacterial infestations in the urinary tract are common in this trimester. They are caused by changes in your urinary tract, making it harder to empty your bladder.
  • Symptoms like pain or burning when you pee and cloudy or smelly urine are common.
  • Antibiotics are prescribed to treat it.

Weight gain:

  • In this trimester, morning sickness diminishes. Your appetite will return.
  • Although food looks very appetizing, do not overeat as you need around an additional 300-500 calories at the most. 

Baby’s growth in the second trimester

During this trimester, your baby grows up to ten pounds in weight and 16 inches in length. Brain development also takes place. It can kick, turn around in your womb, hear your voice, and swallow.

Emergency symptoms

  • Severe abdominal pain
  • Bleeding
  • Severe dizziness
  • Jaundice
  • A lot of sweating


This trimester is one of the most satisfying phases of pregnancy. You can feel the little one inside you and get to hear their heartbeat. Taking care of yourself should be your topmost priority.

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