The Ultimate Guide to Better Bedtime Routine

June 15, 2021 2 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Better Bedtime Routine

In most households with kids, bedtime is a war zone, where children refuse to settle down and go to sleep. It can get nerve-wracking, and there are times when you dread the battle ahead as the sun goes down. But you can come out a winner if you follow these simple tips.

What is a bedtime routine?

And kind of regular action sets the pace for the future. When a set of activities are repeated constantly, a routine is established. Where bedtime is concerned, children get ready for sleep when they are calm. Kids feel secure in a predictable environment as it helps them sleep on their own.

Researchers feel that kids with a bedtime routine fall asleep faster and sleep through the night. With improved sleep quality, the benefits are noticeable even after years.

How to go about setting a routine?

While they may not follow a set pattern, your kids probably take a bath, brush their teeth, change into their pajamas, and settle down for a bedtime story. For younger kids, a diaper change may be needed.

It is essential to follow the pattern in a certain order, at the designated time, so that your kids get used to the regimen.

It is easy to fall into a trap and give in to the demands of your child. Your kid might want to hold on to you till he or she falls asleep, or they may demand a bit of TV till ‘sleep’ comes. The aim is to teach the child to sleep on their own, without clinging to you. If your child is habituated to being rocked to sleep, you may end up getting up in the middle of the night to rock your toddler back to sleep.

Things you should strictly avoid at bedtime

  • Having a hyperactive child high on sugar at bedtime will not work, no matter what routine you follow!
  • The illumination from video games, the TV screen, or mobile phones can stimulate your child, making it difficult for them to fall asleep.  Make sure all such activity is stopped an hour before bedtime.
  • Children can drag the process of winding up to avoid going to sleep. They may ignore your calls and continue with their games. Or they may find excuses not to brush their teeth or bathe. Be consistent with your boundaries and be firm.
  • It is easy to tell yourself that your child will eventually grow out of poor sleeping habits because it is just too hard to control them. But your child may develop sleep problems that continue till they start school.
  • Keep your child away from chocolate, soda, or items that may contain caffeine.


Enforcing a routine may seem like a tall order in the beginning. But once your kids realize that you mean business, they will toe the line, and you will reap the rich dividends of curling up in front of the TV with a glass of wine.

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