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What to Look For in a WiFi Baby Monitor

There are many things new parents stress and worry over, and one of the most pressing naturally is the safety and well-being of their little one. Parents often feel torn between staying with their baby while he or she naps or plays in the crib and using the time to get a few essentials taken care of around the house. Running into the nursery every 3-5 minutes to check on a sleeping baby can be exhausting and render any ‘free time’ nearly nonexistent. However, a high-quality baby monitor can allow parents to have a little down time and still ensure their child is safe and well. But how do you find the right monitor and how do you know what features are the right ones to look for? There are many choices available but here are 10 tips ourexperts here at Hubble Connected wanted to provide in order to help you find the best baby monitor for you and your little one:

  1. Choose a monitor with a high frequency rating. The higher the frequency the better the signal and the farther away the monitor will reach. A high frequency rate can also reduce possible interference with the feed and increase clarity and prevent lag and blips in the feed. Remember that higher is always better for feed frequency and will give you a more reliable link to your little one day and night. 
  2. Find a model that features a "low-battery" light. Such as theMotorola MBP164CONNECT Audio Baby Monitor which alerts you when the monitor is running low on batteries so you can replace them before it is totally dead. This will prevent monitor cut outs and issues with poor feed quality towards the end of the battery life. It is a great feature to help you stay prepared and prevents unfortunate situations where the monitor dies without you realizing it.
  3. Go wireless for monitor setup. A wireless receiver is one of the most common designs you will find today in baby monitors. This wire free setup gives you the most options for range of use. A wireless receiver can be carried with you anywhere the signal reaches, including outside in the yard for easy chore work. Wireless monitors also make it easier to set them up anywhere you want or need to.
  4. Don’t compromise on audio features. There are many features that are available when it comes to the audio on a monitor. Many models today feature two way audio like theMotorola MBP668CONNECT so you can not only hear what your baby is doing but so you can talk to them. These audio features can help you keep tabs on your little one much more easily and can help you calm them down easier in the middle of the night.
  5. Look for sound-activated light alert. Some models feature an alert light that will signal when noise is picked up on the monitor. This makes it easier to tell when your baby is crying or awake if you are doing something like vacuuming, watching TV, talking on the phone, washing dishes, or listening to music. This kind of alert is also essential for any caregiver who is hard of hearing or has hearing difficulties.
  6. Consider a video monitor. While the old-fashioned walkie-talkie style monitors are still around, the new video monitor are the way to go for most parents. With these models, you can tell at a glance what your baby is doing. Many video monitors like theMotorola Halo+ over-the-crib Full HD Wi-Fi baby monitor & soother also feature night vision settings for peace of mind at all times. You can also find monitors with zoom and enhance video features as well. 
  7. Revolving cameras have their benefits. One feature many high-end baby monitors have is the addition of a revolving camera. These models are usually controlled remotely from the receiver and the cancer can be turned, focuser, and zoomed to provide a clear and reassuring view of your child at all times. It does a lot for a parent’s peace of mind and allows them to make the most of their alone time.
  8. Opt for recording features.Another feature found in newer baby monitor models like theMotorola MBP50-G 5" Video Baby Monitor is the ability to record audio and video. Some will be able to record days’ worth of feed and others will record a few hours and then simply record over the following day to conserve space. This allows you to review feeds if anything concerns you or if you need to copy or save anything for any reason.
  9. Think about getting multiple receivers.Some monitors come with two or more receivers, and while this may seem like overkill at first it can actually be quite helpful. You could set a receiver in the most commonly occupied rooms of the home or allow yourself and your partner to both have one with you at all times. It makes sharing the responsibility of parenting much easier and more efficient. 
  10. Remember you are making an investment. The final thing to keep in mind when you are looking for a baby monitor system for your home is that it is an investment. Putting money into a high quality, durable, reliable, and versatile monitor now will help make your life much easier down the road. It is a smart investment that will more than pay for itself by giving you peace of mind and keeping your baby safe.

Parents naturally worry about their children especially when they are so young and helpless as babies are. A baby monitor is a wonderful tool that has helped parents for generations keep tabs on their little one without having to hover over them 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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There are many models and features to consider and not all may be right for your unique situation, but these ten tips can help you narrow down your choice and find the baby monitor that is right for you. A good high-quality monitor can make life much easier and can help you get better sleep at night and be less stressed during the day knowing you can keep an eye and an ear on your baby at all times. 

Looking For The Best Wi-Fi Baby Monitor?

Now that you know what to look for and consider in your search, head over to our website and check out the great baby monitors and cameras that we have available right now. You are sure to find something to fit your exact wants and needs so don’t put it off. Give yourself the peace of mind you have been searching for and keep your little one safe with a high qualitybaby monitor from Hubble Connected!

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