When to Tell Your Family You are Pregnant

June 21, 2021 3 min read

When to Tell Your Family You are Pregnant

Learning about pregnancy after missing one's period can be exciting as well as frightening for a woman. While many women want to share the news right away with everyone, some choose to delay until the end of the first trimester (12 weeks). Well, there is no best time for an official announcement. It depends on your wish and comfort level. There can be many reasons why women prefer to share the news late. Read on to know what bothers them.

Who should you be telling first?

Usually, women prefer to first tell their immediate family members or best friends before making it public. You, too, probably are thinking the same. So why not do that creatively to have a chance to witness their first reaction? Surely your parents, siblings or your best friend will be very happy for you. You may choose to tell others later or wait until your body starts giving hints to everyone about your condition.

When is the right time to make the announcement?

There is no "right" or "wrong" time to announce your pregnancy. It's entirely your personal preference. Sharing the news early or late can be both beneficial and hurtful. 

About 26% of pregnancies end in miscarriages, and 80% of the miscarriages occur within 12 weeks of pregnancy. After 12 weeks, the chance of miscarriage decreases. Hence, many women prefer to wait until they are through with the first trimester. 

A previous experience of miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion due to an abnormality may also be the reason why women fear announcing their pregnancy early.

Other Factors for a late announcement:

You want to keep the news just between you and your partner until you feel it's time for an official announcement:

  • You want to be entirely sure that your baby is developing well inside and no condition that may prompt you to abort the pregnancy exists. Hearing your baby's heartbeat in the ultrasound may make you confident in sharing the news.
  • You don't want to welcome personal stories and excessive advice from every other person, as they may be more frightening than helpful.
  • You had an unplanned pregnancy, and both you and your partner need time to deal with your feelings before telling others.
  • The news may reach someone who has lost a baby, is struggling to get pregnant, or cannot conceive. They are already dealing with their sadness and may not be able to show enthusiasm like your other friends.

Is it good to share the news right away?

Sharing the news early with your parents or close friends can be beneficial at times. The first 3 months are usually tough because of unpleasant symptoms, and you may need their help and support during the first trimester. And in case you miscarry, you have someone close for mental support and to look after you.

From a professional perspective, it is better to inform your employer about your pregnancy early, especially if your work involves a lot of physical labor to avoid a mishap. If you have trouble meeting your work targets during pregnancy, your employer may offer help. Also, informing your employer early can help them make arrangements for when you are away.


Choosing to announce early or late is entirely your decision as you know better what is right for you. No matter when you make the announcement, it will undoubtedly be a reason for celebration.

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