When Will My Baby Start Walking? A Baby Walking Guide for Mothers

June 15, 2021 2 min read

When Will My Baby Start Walking? A Baby Walking Guide for Mothers

Your baby learning to walk is a thrilling moment. As it happens during countless milestones, your mind is filled with many doubts. Firstly, at what age do babies start walking? 

Here’s a complete baby walking guide for new parents.

Those Baby Steps

Parents have the notion that toddlers must walk independently by his/her first birthday. However, somewhere between nine and 18 months is totally fine too. This occurs steadily from supported to unsupported steps that may take more than a few months.

Learning to walk

Tummy time

To start walking, your toddler needs steadiness, strength, and synchronization. These are really intricate skills. Tummy time, right from birth, has great importance here. It supports your little ones to spread and toughen his/her hands, legs, and central body. This, in turn, helps them crawl, sit, cruise, and, eventually, stand.

Kid’s personality

Kids who are more alert tend to be a little unhurried to walk as they feel safe crawling, and an upright position gives them insecurity.

Can I help my toddler walk?

The straightforward mantra is capability and chance. Hold their hands while they stand and cheer them on. Place the furniture to help your baby grasp one part and move to the other without hindrances in the way. Remove toys from the floor to help them pull themselves upright. Activity centers that boost standing up, for instance, workbenches, play kitchens, and water tables, can be useful. Ensure they are used under your direction and away from stairways.

Will a baby walker be of any use?

Baby walkers are of no use to help your little ones pick up the skill of walking, as walkers don’t allow children to practice the strength and equilibrium skills required for walking on their own, say specialists. Walkers have been banned in most countries; they have caused several injuries.

Is it okay for toddlers to wear shoes when they start walking?

Shoes don’t offer any benefit to babies learning to walk. It is better if your baby is barefooted or wears non-skid slippers or socks in the house. When you are outdoors and want to guard those cute feet, choose footwear of the exact size, with flexible soles for the right support.

My baby is not walking yet. Should I worry?

If your baby is over a year and displays no curiosity in crawling or pulling themselves up, you should visit your pediatrician. In a child of 15 to 18 months who does not walk without help yet, but has reached other milestones and is otherwise healthy, it’s typically not a matter of concern.

What to expect next?

After mastering the art of walking, almost all toddlers begin to climb chairs, walk without assistance and climb stairways one at a time with some support by 18 months. By 2 years, most toddlers can tug or bring a toy while they walk, start to run, pace up and down stairways with support, and get into and out of seats without assistance.

Enjoy your little angel’s first baby steps!

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