Shop Audio Monitors for Babies


Monitor your baby and keep track of the things that matter most to the health and well-being of your child. From room temperature changes, to intelligent reminders regarding the last time fed, how long their nap was and more.

No matter where you are in our out of the house, keep your finger on the pulse of everything going on with and around your precious little one. Compatible with smartphones, tablets and computers, you’ll have the power of a “digital nanny” right in the palm of your hand.

Smart Audio Listening for Babies

Intelligent audio listening capabilities mean that you’ll always be aware of what is going on in the room and with your baby. Real-time notifications and audio classification let you know what is happening and how loud the audio captured is. Get alerts immediately when any sound is detected in the room. High-sensitivity microphones are engineered to capture even the slightest of sounds.

Monitor Audio from Your Baby’s Room on Your Cell Phone

Audio baby monitors are compatible with smartphones as well as the Hubble Connected app and smart platform, providing you with a reliable, safe and secure way to easily keep track of what matters most. It’s like having a second set of ears in the room.

Other Key Features Include:

  • Baby care timer to keep track of important aspects of your baby’s day
  • Two-way communication so you can soothe your baby with your voice 
  • Room temperature monitoring and alerts
  • Simple plug and play installation 
  • Integrated sleep pattern tracking
  • And more…

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