Nursery Pal Cloud Touch Single

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Discover the Nursery Pal Cloud Touch Smart Baby Monitor, featuring our patented Dual Mode technology. This innovative feature gives parents the power to control the level of safety and security they want for their family. In Wi-Fi mode, enjoy real-time monitoring on your smart device via the HubbleClub app and the large 5” HD touchscreen viewing unit simultaneously. Feel safe with our robust security protocols that virtually eliminate hacking risks. For times without Wi-Fi, the Nursery Pal Cloud Touch seamlessly functions as a traditional video monitor, ensuring your baby’s safety while upholding your privacy. Parents can view the live stream on the viewing unit via local connection.

Keep your baby comfortable with the integrated room temperature monitor, providing real-time updates for optimal conditions and enjoy infrared night vision to ensure visibility through the night. Soothe your baby with two-way talk communication, using your own voice to bring comfort from anywhere in your home.

The Nursery Pal Cloud Touch helps lull your baby to sleep with preloaded with nature sounds, lullabies, and bedtime stories, while the 7-color night light and Sleep Trainer feature instill healthy sleep habits through personalized sleep and wake routines tailored to your child.

Nursery Pal Cloud Touch. No Longer Just for Parents.

Hubble Connected has been recognized by the Baby Innovation Award as Baby Company of the Year for our tremendous innovation in baby technology and advancement.

Meet Our Innovative Touchscreen Parent Unit

Our 5” touch screen parent unit offers a convenient way for parents, grandparents, and babysitters to stay connected while at home. What’s more? It boasts of a 7+ hours battery life - perfect for extended viewing! The touchscreen also doubles as an entertainment console, with preloaded games and videos to entertain your child as they grow!

High-Quality Video and Notifications

The Cloud Touch offers high-quality video and real-time notifications, connecting parents to their little ones while offering peace of mind through insightful data via the HubbleClub app.

Patented Dual Mode Technology

Use the large 5” touch screen parent unit for easy viewing using a local connection, and simultaneously access the live stream via the HubbleClub app on your smart device via Wi-Fi.

Rest Assured Baby is Safe

Receive real-time notifications about your baby’s well-being, including abnormal movement, sound detection and room temperature.

Innovative Dual Use Touch Screen Parent Unit

The large 5” touchscreen parent unit lets you monitor your little one in HD and serves as an engaging console complete with educational games, videos, and enriching content tailored for toddlers.

Better with HubbleClub app

Get the most out of the Nursery Pal Cloud Touch with the FREE HubbleClub app (available on iOS and Android). Parents can control the camera functions, view the live stream, save and share baby’s precious moments, receive activity notifications while also track their baby’s growth and milestone!

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HD Live-Streaming
See, hear and know your baby is okay with 24/7 livestream, sound and motion alerts.🛌🥱
Sleep Training
Create personalized sleep routines with the built-in 7 color night light and preloaded soothing sounds to instill healthy sleep habits in baby, that will last for a lifetime.🛌
Baby Growth & Development Tracker
Keep a personal log of baby’s sleep, feeding, diapers, pumping schedules and more. Also get monthly growth trends report to track baby’s progress over the last month.😍
Preloaded lullabies & Audiobooks
Access our content library of engaging audiobooks, lullabies, and soothing songs to suit every schedule from sunrise till bedtime.🥳
Custom Schedules
Create custom Schedules for bedtime, wake-up time, playtime and more 🛌🥱
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Full HD 1080p remote access via Smart Device
*128-bit AES Encryption Certified by NIST

Private, Secure & *Encrypted Wi-Fi Connection
*256-bit Encryption

Digital Pan, Tilt and Zoom

1000ft (300m) Range

Flexible Magnetic Mount

7 Color Night Light and Sleep Trainer

Patented Dual Mode Monitoring

Two-Way Talk

Infrared Night Vision

5” Color Touch Screen with 7 Hrs+ Battery life

Room Temperature Display & Alerts

Motion and Sound Detection Alerts

Baby Motion video recordings with 24 Hour FREE cloud storage

Baby Zone to draw secure boundaries around baby

FREE Baby Growth and Development Tracker

Nature Sounds, Lullabies and Bedside Stories

Access to Parenting Community

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Flexible Magnetic Mount

Flexible Magnetic Mount

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Touch Screen Parent Unit

Touch Screen Parent Unit

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Customer Testimonial

This is why I love technology. We’ve slept better since we got the Cloud Touch. Also, my wife and I get to check on baby using the free HubbleClub app in our phones, and my mom who has mobility gets to view baby from her room using the parent unit. Very convenient monitoring system.

- Brianhutckins92