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Why do we need your Location Permission?

Why do Hubble Connected need your Location Permission?

It is required that Hubble Club application show near Wi-Fi SSID detail where Hubble Devices needs to connect during the setup process. In order to show Wi-Fi details on Android & iOS application, the Wi-Fi scanning feature is required. This is only doable via the “Location permission” which made it mandatory for Android & iOS platform for any application in order to scan Wi-Fi network, otherwise the camera will not connect to your home Wi-Fi network.


IOS Devices

iOS 13.0 version onwards, apps should obtain permission from users to access their location to get the Wi-Fi list needed to pair an IoT device, such as ours. For more details, have a look at the official apple developer documentation. 

iOS Wi-Fi scan permission

Location permission is just requested to scan the Wi-Fi network, apart from app is not accessing the user’s location and not stored anywhere in our platform. 


When iOS App request to access location  


  1. Location permission while first launching the app           


  2. During registration process:If location permission was not provided or revoked


Android Devices

Since Android version 9.0, apps are required to have the ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION permission. For more details, have a look at the official Android documentation here:

Android Wi-Fi scan permission

Android app request to grant location access during registration process.  



Do I need to enable Location Permission all the time?

This location permission is used only during the setup process, so you can select “Allow only while using the app” OR “Only this time” option. This should make sure that application does not have any unwanted location access.

However, you can disable the location permission if required once setup process is completed.



With an increased focus on privacy, Apple, and Google both have chosen to lock down specific network details of the phone from all applications.  With the launch of Android 10 and iOS 13, both operating systems now require us to request from you the Wi-Fi details to make work your device connect with your home network. 

In addition, we need the ability to identify when the app is in your home network - where your cameras are located.  To do so, we need the details on your Wi-Fi network name so we can tell when you are home (and use the local IP address) or outside your home (and use the external IP address). 

You giving this permission allows us to continue to ensure your privacy and safety when using our app and keeping your home safe and secure. 


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