Caring for Premature Babies

June 11, 2021 3 min read

Caring for Premature Babies

The chances are you never thought you would have a premature baby. But here you are, your precious little angel in your hands, feeling proud that you are a mother now.

Your baby has entered the world a little earlier than due. This just means that they need a bit more care and love till they are strong enough to be taken home. Caring for a premature baby is slightly different from a full-term baby.

Keeping the differences in mind, here are a few things you will have to do while taking care of your premature baby.

Limit visits

During the early days, you should limit who meets your baby. Except for close family members and the doctor, try to limit visits as much as possible to avoid the spread of infection and germs. All babies are vulnerable, but premature babies are even more susceptible. 

A newborn baby is a ray of hope not just for the parents but for everyone around. And you will certainly want to meet others, but some restrictions are essential for the child’s good health during the early days.

Help them sleep

Once your child is home, you will notice that the child doesn’t sleep easily at night. It will be difficult for your child to get used to sudden changes. A good night's sleep is important for everyone, particularly a preemie. Learn good sleep hygiene. Do things that will comfort your baby, such as create a dimly lit environment at night, make sure everything is quiet, rock them to sleep, and so on.

Do keep in mind that preemies feel hungry more often than a fully grown child. Hence, they might wake up multiple times at night. Unfortunately, there's very little you can do here. Take baby steps and help them learn to sleep, and they will start adjusting.

Washing your premature baby

Even though most premature babies are comfortable when a mother uses plain water, some preemies aren’t. How often you should wash your child will mostly depend on your baby’s skin condition and how premature the child is. While bathing your child, use water and nothing else. Also, it is not recommended to wash premature babies every day. You can simply 'top and tail,' and that should be good enough.

If your baby's skin is dry, never use baby products on the child without your doctor’s recommendation. Let the doctor tell you about the dos and don'ts for your baby.

The right temperature

Your baby has come out of your womb prematurely, which means his/her tiny little body needs to get used to the new temperature all of a sudden. A preemie needs to be at a temperature where he/she feels safe and comfortable. Get a sleepsuit, a vest, and some blankets. These things are essential. Also, you can always remove the extra layers depending on how hot or cold the surrounding is.

If you need advice on the right temperature for the baby, you can always ask a doctor.

Wrapping up

Having a premature baby will undoubtedly increase your responsibilities, but motherhood is a blessing. Don't discontinue visiting the doctor you consulted before delivery. Stay in touch because he/she can guide you in taking care of your baby in the best way possible.

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