Caring For Your Baby Post The Lockdown

June 11, 2021 2 min read

Caring For Your Baby Post The Lockdown

Having a baby is one of the most precious moments of life. However, it brings enormous changes and calls for many adjustments. Lockdown has completely changed the way we live. From making zoom calls to grandparents and family members to being locked inside our homes, life has changed significantly.

Before the pandemic hit, there were support groups for new moms. But what happens during the lockdown when the government has asked everyone to follow social distancing norms? Also, babies and older people are the most vulnerable because of their poor immune systems.

Understandably, the lockdown has been quite a worrying time for everybody, especially new mothers. Luckily, you can do a few things for your baby’s health and safety.

  • Try some soothing tricks.
  • Even post lockdown, taking your baby wherever you go is never a good idea. We are not free from COVID-19, and despite vaccination, we still need to maintain a safe distance from everyone. Babies cry a lot, right. Some cry too much, while others cry less. And they need to feel safe to calm down. Sing to them, gently rock them, swaddle them, and feed them well like always. 

    Make sure that your baby sleeps in a safe environment. Let them rest on a firm surface away from pillows, toys, and blankets. Use a tight-fitting sheet, and remove all the extra items from their beds.

  • Virtually connect with others.
  • Though socializing is not safe for young mothers, even post lockdown, you can always meet people virtually. Social groups continue to organize virtual get-togethers. Be a part of such events so that you can see other people and talk to them. Share your experience, talk about your issues, and find answers in your support group.

    Not just social groups, speak to your parents if they stay away from you. Meet your grandparents virtually. All this will help boost your mental health, eventually making you calmer and allowing you to take care of your baby better.

    When a child is born, the first thing that every new mother wants is her mom, who will nurture the baby, shower the baby with love, and train her to handle the child well. Meet your mom and other important people virtually; this will help. If you don’t share a great relationship with your mum or she’s not around, a friend or close family member is good as well.

  • Speak to your pediatrician
  • Just because you can’t meet a pediatrician physically doesn’t mean they aren’t available for you at all. Never hesitate to call your pediatrician for help. A pediatrician understands a baby well and can support you in taking care of your child when needed. Seeking medical advice is vital to your baby’s health.

    Even if your child is doing perfectly fine, ensure to fix an appointment with the pediatrician to understand your baby better. Along with everything, care for yourself too. Moms need as much care and attention as the newborn.

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