Ways to Tell Parents You're Pregnant

December 29, 2020 5 min read

Ways to Tell Parents You're Pregnant

Ways to Tell Your Parents You’re Pregnant

First and foremost, congratulations to you! Finding out your pregnant is one of the most exciting moments in your life. Sometimes, it can be even more exciting is sharing the fantastic news with your loved ones, parents, especially.

Are you looking for a unique way to break the news to the soon to be grandparents? Below you will find eight ways to tell your parents you’re pregnant.

Creative Announcement Ideas

Making the announcement to your parents that you are expecting is meant to be a heartfelt moment that all parties involved are not soon to forget. If able, it is always the most meaningful to announce in person.

Although this is not always a feasible option, thanks to the Internet age, there are still many creative ways to break the news from afar. 

1. Framed Ultrasound

You can easily make copies of your first ultrasound picture confirming your pregnancy, assuming you will want to hang onto the originals for yourself. One simple yet creative way to announce your pregnancy to your parents is to take a copy and frame it.

Wrap it nicely and provide a sentimental note to give with the picture. The frame will make for a lovely keepsake your parents can have on display in their homes.

2. Coffee Mug

With multiple online services available now, you can easily have whatever text you want to print on a mug. Otherwise, you can buy a plain coffee mug from any home goods store or even thrift store and write on it yourself with ceramic paint pens.

You could write something on the outside like, “World’s Greatest Grandma!” or even inside at the bottom of the mug to give them something to smile about every morning when they finish their coffee.

3. Game Night

Gather the family together for a game night and make sure that everyone plays a game like Pictionary or Charades. 

When playing, find a time to act out “we’re having a baby” with your partner and make your family members guess. You can even get the rest of the family in on it and have them prompt your parents specifically to yell it out. Your partner can even find some Tips For Dads on Bonding With Their Baby

4. Fortune Cookie

A little more intricate, but very unique for making your announcement involves purchasing fortune cookies ahead of time. Whether it be from a local restaurant or an Asian market, you should be able to find them somewhere.

Use tweezers to remove the fortune that comes in the cookie and replace it with one of your own announcing your pregnancy. You can either wrap it up and give it as a gift to your parents or swap them out at a restaurant or take out.

5. Scratchers

It’s not uncommon for families to throw scratchers in as stocking stuffers or for other fun, inexpensive gifts. What makes scratchers even more fun is now you can buy them to use for a pregnancy announcement.

With a simple online search, you will find retailers like Amazon carrying many different options to choose from that best match your parents and something that might not make them too suspicious. What’s nice about scratchers is that they can hang onto these announcements forever. 

6. Baby Clothes

Much like the coffee mugs, you can choose how crafty you want to get when buying baby clothes to use as an announcement for your parents. 

We also recommend asking choosing some cool Baby Tech Gear before your baby arrives.

You can either purchase a onesie that has something identifying them as grandparents to give as a gift or buy a plain one and decorate it yourself. 

7. Diapers

Wrap up a pack of diapers to give to your parents as a gift. When they open it, they might be confused initially. You can provide a card or let them know that they’ll be needing extras around the house for when they are babysitting.

8. Calendar

Another adorable and simple idea to surprise your parents with your pregnancy announcement is to purchase a calendar for them.

In the calendar, you can have your due date marked clearly for them. Otherwise, you could even ask your parents to save the date themselves. When they inquire about it, you can break the news to them then.

Frequently Asked Questions

Figuring out how you want to make your pregnancy announcement is just the beginning of your lifelong journey into parenthood. Indeed, there are so many questions in mind. Take a look at some frequently asked questions regarding announcements to help clear a few things up.

When Should You Announce Your Pregnancy?

The timing of your announcement is a very personal decision and can vary for each individual. While some don’t spare a minute telling their family, others prefer to wait cautiously before making their big announcement.

Whether you choose to make your announcement early on or wait, there’s no right or wrong answer.

Learn More: Virtual Baby Shower Ideas

Family members and parents, in particular, are sure to be thrilled with the news regardless of the timing of it. Make the moment that much more memorable with a creative announcement for your parents.

When Is It Safe to Announce Your Pregnancy?

According to some doctors, many expecting parents wait to make announcements because the risk of miscarriage is high during the first trimester. One rule of thumb to follow is identifying your 14-week mark, which is typically a “safe” time to make the announcement.

If that still feels a little too early for you, not to worry. Many women wait until 20 weeks (4-5 months) once the ultrasound comes back normal, and the doctor reveals the gender. 

What Should You Expect When You Announce Your Pregnancy?

It is more than likely you will be flooded with your parents’ questions as soon as they find out your big news. Don’t let them catch you off guard. 

One of the most common questions parents will ask expecting parents is to help prepare for their grandbaby. It’s not a bad idea to start your baby wish list now.

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In the end, determining who, what, when, and where you will make your announcement is a very personal decision. We hope that we have inspired you with this list of 8 ways to tell your parents you’re pregnant.

Remember that this is not only a pivotal moment in your life but theirs as well as they enter grandparenthood. 

And when all else fails, don’t forget to find a trustworthy baby monitor. That is one easy decision to make in parenthood, and trust us; you don't get many of those!

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